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22 September 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Crazy stufff!  
OMG! WOW! I want those neitzens to STOP. And all of 2pm's fans to just stop as well! Why can't those neitzens just be satisfied?! They already got what they wanted, what MORE do they want?! Geez one of them gave JYP a flat tire, like dayummm, that is so horrible! And plus what Wooyoung said totally made me angry! The fans that are still going all crazy over the fact that they want their leader back. I do too, it's just that I mean c'mon buddy! It's Jae's life, not yours. He can make up his own decisions, and plus he needs to clear his mind! Ugh! and those neitzens are just so sick minded--I mean wth? Making a petition to make Jae commit suicide?! grrrr!!!

to sum this all up: Fans should just respect and listen to Jae's and 2pm's decision as well as JYP's entry which clarified some things.

`nuff said.

Link to omonatheydidnt about Wooyoung's cyworld entry~!

LOL this gif at the end was supposed to be only a Wooyoung gif, but I couldn't help putting in my Taecyeon oppa♥

Taecyeon biting Wooyoung. XD Pictures, Images and Photos
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