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07 December 2009 @ 07:25 pm
I Want You {Chapter O4}  
Title: I Want You
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N:Chapter 4 ppl ; )

Previously: Prologue||O1||O2||O3

I Want You

Chapter 4

Sungmin stared at his childhood friend and some random bartender without saying a word. He stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes dropped to his left as he turned his head to glance at Soo Young in his peripheral vision. Soo Young bit her lip and ran a hand through her short brown hair.

“Oppa...” Soo Young started.

Sungmin looked away from Soo Young and back at the two. He closed his eyes and with his right hand he clenched his left part of his chest as he, for some reason, felt it hurt. Sungmin heaved in a big breath and exhaled the same amount of air.

Soo Young starred at Sungmin’s back and just didn’t know what to say. She knew for a very long time that Sungmin loved Sunny, not just as a good friend or an older brother, but something even more than that.

Don’t let this bring you down....’ Sungmin thought. With this in his head, he took a step towards the bar stand, which followed with another step. Before he knew it, he stood at the bar stand from his continued shuffling strides.

When he reached a good distance for his voice to be audible for the two to hear, he began to speak.

“Sunny..” he said as he cleared his throat.

Sunny spun herself around in her barstool and with wide eyes, she responded, “Oppa!”

Taecyeon’s arm that was extended to her face suddenly dropped and he looked elsewhere. Taecyeon’s handkerchief suddenly fell on her lap yet, he didn’t notice this though. Sungmin smiled at her and looked up at Taecyeon. Sungmin analyzed the bartender’s face, but the bartender showed a facial expression that was unreadable. Sungmin’s eyes dropped back at Sunny’s face.

“Sunkyu-ah...I was worried sick.” He said to her.

Sungmin caught Taecyeon stare at him as he said this and continued.

“Why didn’t you pick up my calls or answer my text messages?”

Sunny opened her mouth and looked between Taecyeon and Sungmin.

She turned to Sungmin. “I didn’t realize you were trying to contact me....” she looked around for her purse. She felt uneasiness engulf the whole atmosphere. In her head, she hoped for some reason that Sungmin didn’t see what happened between her and Taecyeon. She kept on hoping upon this yet, to no avail this was all in her head and Sungmin already knew about this.

Soo Young saw Sunny’s uneasiness and suddenly came forward to the three. She quickly went to Sunny’s side remembering that she was still drunk. Soo Young’s right hand was on Sunny’s back, and the other hand was holding her arm.

“Sunny! Uhm...why don’t we get you in Oppa’s car? Here, let me help you.” Soo Young did her best happiest smile she could make out, yet behind it, it was the total opposite.

“Soo Young? Oh..uh okay..but I need to find my purse first..” Sunny responded as she was looking for her purse, looking under her chair.

Since Soo Young was standing, she quickly crouched down and picked up Sunny’s silky hot pink purse and clasped it between her arm and her side. She looked around if there was anything that might’ve dropped. And there her eyes fell upon a white handkerchief on Sunny’s lap and grasped it with one hand and shoved it in the pink purse. Soo Young looked up as she stood up straight as well.

“Okay Sunny. I have everything now. Let’s get you into Oppa’s car okay?” Soo Young told her in a soothing tone.

Soo Young’s hands went back where they were placed on her back and wrist as she lead her poor drunken friend away from the bar.

“C’mon oppa! We should quickly get her home before ahjussi questions about her whereabouts,” she called from behind her shoulder.

“Yes, coming!” He shouted also.

Sungmin turned his head to look at the bartender and was surprised to see him stare at Soo Young and Sunny walking across the dance floor. Sungmin had this weird tinge in his stomach that he hadn’t felt before. It was weird.

He pushed that feeling to the side though and forgot to thank this guy for..... taking care of Sunny.

“Uhm?” Sungmin started.

Taecyeon drew his eyes back at Sungmin and raised his eyebrows as if asking, “Yes?”

“Thank you for taking care of Sunny,” he bowed.

Taecyeon smiled and waved it off “Oh, no it’s okay, I’m used to..having that sort of job.” He laughed.

Sungmin looked up, “I’m seriously sorry you had to see Sunny like that...I guess she was upset again...”

Taecyeon waved it off once more, “No it’s fine, again I’m sort of used to having that as part of my job.”

Sungmin bowed again, “Okay. Well anyways, thank you very much. I should be going now.”

Taecyeon smiled and nodded at Sungmin. That was the signal for Sungmin to start leaving the club, and he did just that.

Taecyeon watched the man who just apologized to him, as his figure disappeared into the dance floor. He sighed and took Sunny’s mini shot glass then went to the sink and started washing it. He didn’t know it but as he was starring at the glass while he was washing it, he smiled.


After when Soo Young helped Sungmin place Sunny in the front passenger seat, Sungmin sat in the driver seat and took his black Armani blazor off to place it on Sunny. Soo Young watched him as he did this and looked at Sungmin. Sungmin looked up at Soo Young who gave him a look. He looked upon Sunny and back at Soo Young. He nodded at her, which she did back also.

She bid them farewell and went back in the club to look for the others and headed home.

In the car, Sunny was slouching in her seat as it was somewhat reclined for her to rest. She was asleep away in dream land. Sungmin leaned on his hand where his arm was leaning on the door side. His right hand gripped the steering wheel tightly. Sungmin slowed down as the traffic light turned a red light. He then fully stopped. He looked down at Sunny who was sleeping so peacefully. He traced every feature he could of her face with his eyes.

She had soft pink rosy cheeks which might have been because she drank, her eyelashes long, and lips that glistened as the street lights brightness reached Sunny’s lazed figure through the door window. He smiled to himself as he looked at her, but then suddenly the thought of the news that he was informed with today made his face come into an emotionless expression. He then directed his eyes to the road and pressed the gas when the light turned green.

Sunny...we’ve been through basically everything. How can we get through this one together?’ he thought in his head.


It was mid-morning at the Lee household, the maids were up and doing their chores, the gardeners, the chef’s, Soo Man himself, but except for his niece. She was fast asleep under her fluffy golden covers which surrounded her with warmth. Last night Sungmin carried her bridal style to her room (A/N:yes 6 floors imagine how many steps that is?!). After safely placing her on her king-sized bed, he made sure that the maids changed her clothes and etc.

Suddenly from Sunny’s bedside table, her cell phone rang..again.


Sunny groaned at the sound of her cell phone ringing again. Seriously?! Two days in a row..and it’s the WEEKEND for God’s sakes!

Her phone kept ringing until she let her left hand pat for her phone that was placed in her purse. She sat up and took her phone then read who was calling. Yuri >; P, it read.

She pressed ‘talk’.

“YURI! I SWEAR IF YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME I’M NOT GOING TO TALK TO YOU FOR A MONTH!” Sunny yelled, but suddenly cringed when she felt a pang in her head. Then it all came to her that she had a headache because she was drunk last night.

“Okay, okay. I know I’m guilty for calling you two times in a row, but you don’t have to be all cranky about it, alright?” Yuri cooled Sunny off over the phone.

“Okay, fine but seriously! Why’d you call me again?! I have a pounding headache from last night!” Sunny ran a hand through her long and messy morning hair.

“All the girls want to meet up at the boutique again. It’s just for some coffee. They said they want to talk over last night and other sh!t. You know the usual.” Yuri replied.

“Ugh, do I have to? Can’t I just sleep off my headache in peace?” Sunny said, but she knew that Yuri was going to drag her into this one again.

“Yes~ because you know you love us and you want to tell us where you ran off to last night~” Yuri teasingly said.

Sunny’s face flushed. Did they know?

“Well yeah~ I need to help Soo Young prepare here so...come at 9:30 ish? Okay bye~”

Sunny was left with the other end cut off. She sighed and rushed to her bathroom to get ready once again. This was becoming just like déjà vu except this time she took Tylenol from her medicine cabinet.

She took a shower lathering herself with Victoria secrets pink blushing body wash. Then she soaped her hair with some shampoo that her mother got for her from Italy. She massaged in the products in her hair having a small pleasurable, relaxed feeling as she did so. Moments after she washed off all of the soap that she messaged in her hair and on her body, and oozed some peach scented conditioner on her hair, then not too long after, she rinsed her hair again.

When finished, she wrapped one towel in her hair, and another one around her body. She slipped on some slippers and walked out of the fogged up washroom and went straight to her dresser then picked out a white boyfriend-tee and some dark-wash true religions. She walked out and placed the clothes she picked out. She walked to the bathroom then started to dry her hair and spread body cream on her fair skin.

When all was done, she grabbed her silky hot pink purse, jogged downstairs. Just when she thought she was going to open the door to set off to the boutique, she heard her uncle call her.


She turned around to see her uncle coming down the stairs in a business suit with a black leathered brief case in his hand. She smiled and ran up to her uncle as she kissed his cheek.

“Morning uncle~” she said in such a sweet tone.

“Where are you off to?”

“Yuri invited me to Soo Young’s boutique. The girls are going to be there. They want to have another hangout.” She told him as she linked arms with his free arm as they walked down the stairs together.

“Oh..arasseo. You just remember not to be late...which by the way where were you yesterday?”

“I will and..I went to the club with the girls yesterday...why?” she tilted her head at her uncle.

“Well it’s just that we had a formal dinner with the Lee’s last night and you didn’t show up. Not that it was compulsory for you to go. Although I thought that Hyori-shi informed you about it. Did she not?” Soo Man asked.

Sunny shook her head “Sorry, I don’t think I got any notification..maybe she was calling my phone but I didn’t answer since it was on silent or something.” Sunny responded honestly.

Both of them were at the bottom of the staircase and walked towards the door.

“Ah, I see. Well hopefully Sungmin tells you then. It’s much too awkward for me, your own uncle to tell you the news,” he said and took the front doorknob in his hand then turned it, “well have a good day then.”

Sungmin?....What about oppa? ..And what news?’ she thought when she pushed the front entrance door open and got to her car.

She got into her silver Mitsubishi eclipse and drove away down town to where Soo Young’s boutique was.

I wonder what uncle was talking about..oh well..’ she told herself in her head.


Jessica looked at herself in the mirror. She was in Soo Young’s boutique’s washroom. The walls were painted a fainted light pink. The decor in the washroom had romantic red furniture, with a glass rectangular shaped coffee table in front of it. The sinks were silver along with the faucets. The bathroom stalls were tucked into a corner located in front of the sinks. It was very girly if you were to compare it to Soo Young’s personality. But Soo Young had no choice whether or not she could decorate it or not. It was all Soo Young’s mother and not her own layout.

Jessica took out a strawberry chap-stick and spread it on her bottom lip. She mashed her lips together. She pulled her blond locks to the front and ruffled her bangs. She was just freshing up since she didn’t have that much time this morning because Yuri was the last one to call her (but she arrived earlier than Sunny for some reason). She patted her tank top which she wore under her jacket and was interrupted by her phone that vibrated on the counter. She bit her lip as she opened the text message.

To: My love #1
From: Fishie~
10/03/09 9:46am
Hey babe~ Did you sleep well?

No, I didn’t sleep well. I haven’t been sleeping good for a long time’ she thought in her head. She wanted to actually type what she thought down in her pink blackberry, but she couldn’t. And she knew she couldn’t. Instead...

To: Fishie~
From: My love #1
10/03/09 9:46am
Hi! Yes I slept well, how about you? Oh yeah, do you want to go on a date later?

Jessica pressed ‘back’ when she finished sending the message and came in view of her wallpaper. It showed her and the man that she currently calls her boyfriend. She closed her eyes as she felt a tear trickle down her cheek. She blinked her eyes open and faced the mirror once more.

Why do I do this to myself..’ she thought.


She checked her phone and saw that she received a text message from the same sender.

To: My love #1
From: Fishie~
10/03/09 9:48am
That’s good, you slept well...Sorry babe, I’m booked up with work this whole weekend. I’ll call you later okay? Bye~

Jessica squeezed her phone that she held in her hand. She wanted to just throw it against the wall and break her phone in pieces.

Lies..’ she said in her head.

knock, knock

Jessica turned around managing to hide her sadness beneath her intense eyes. She smiled as she saw Yoona open the door.

“Unnie? Sunny’s here. We can start having coffee now.”

Jessica smiled even wider “Sure thing. C’mon let’s go find out where our Sunny was last night, shall we?” Jessica held out her arm for Yoona to link arms with her. Yoona happily complied and they both strode off to the second floor.


As Yoona and Jessica neared the second floor they heard Sunny yelling at the rest of the girls, and some laughter. Jessica looked at Yoona with a puzzled face. Yoona only shrugged as an answer because she also didn’t know what the cause of the whole commotion was.

When they entered the room they saw all six of the girls on one side, and Sunny on the other. It was as if they were versing each other. But poor Sunny was alone on her own side. The only thing that was separating them from each other was a white rounded couch that was in the center of the room.

“What’s going on here you guys?” Jessica put her hands on her hips.

Yoona slipped to the side with the more people which made Jessica question them even more.

“Yah! You should know why I’m yelling at them….YAH! Aren’t I suppose to be yelling at you too?! You ditched me too!” Sunny pointed at Jessica.

“Uh…uh…” Jessica muttered unsure if she should back away or just join the rest who were on the other side, which she ended up doing in the end.

“Aish! You guys! I swear I don’t want to go clubbing with you anymore!” she scratched the back of her head in annoyance.

“Yah! What about you?!” Yuri snapped.

“Yah! Why are you using that tone with me?!” she crossed both arms across her chest.

“It’s because in our defence,” Yuri pointed to everyone on her side, “You looked pretty occupied yourself with that man candy of a bartender.” Yuri finished off as she crossed her arms over her chest as well.

The rest of the girls gasped, and drew their eyes back at Sunny with smiles. Sunny flushed in a noticeable pink and covered her mouth.

“I….I….uhm...” Sunny stammered.

“OoOo~ Sunny what is Yuri talking about—man candy of a bartender?” Taeyeon nudged Sunny’s left arm.

“Yeah unnie~ Tell us!” Seo Hyun poked Sunny’s cheeks which still had the same pink colour.

“I..I..” Sunny tried to explain, but couldn’t come up with the words to say it. Instead she backed away from her friends. They were approaching her as if she was a piece of meat in the lion cage at the zoo.

“YAH! STOP IT! I’ll tell you what happened if you stop being so creepy!” She flailed her hands out.

“Okay~” all smiled. Sunny sighed and wiped her sweat on her forehead with her back hand.

She opened her purse to take out her water bottle. She was getting really hot. Well at least her face was. Why would she even try hiding the story that occurred last night? It was only a bartender…that was really nice to her…and was hot…and—WAIT! Okay get back on track.

Sunny fanned herself with her hands. She swiftly took out her water bottle, popped it open and began swallowing in big gulps. But as she took out her water bottle she didn’t notice a piece of cloth came out along with the water bottle. It floated down to the ground slowly. Yuri as well as everyone saw it fall out, but she was the first one to notice it.

She quickly went by Sunny’s side, crouched down and picked it up.

“Sunny? I never knew you were the one to carry handkerchiefs around…” Yuri scanned the whole handkerchief.

“Huh?” Sunny looked down at Yuri’s hands which were holding a handkerchief.

“That isn’t mine…”

“Maybe it isn’t yours…” Yuri flipped and scanned the back side of it and found initials “…but it is definitely O.T’s.” Yuri held it out for Sunny to take it.

“O.T.?” Sunny questioned.

Who do I know that has the initials…OMO!’ Sunny gasped at her thought.

“OMO! It’s Taecyeon-shi’s!” Sunny covered her mouth as she gasped.

All shot her surprising looks and looked at the piece of cloth which Yuri still held out.

“Here give it!” Sunny reached to grab it away from Yuri, but Yuri was much faster than Sunny and held it away.

Yuri laughed “So his name is Taecyeon?!”

Sunny’s eyes widened. Sh!t, she said it out loud. She shook her head and started reaching for the handkerchief again but failed to as Yuri passed it to Taeyeon. All of a sudden it became a monkey in the middle game where Sunny was the monkey.

“C’mon you guys! Stop~” she whined.

Suddenly Soo Young jumped and caught it. Yuri and Taeyeon frowned. Soo Young folded it in a neat square and held it out to Sunny.

“Sunny, you know what this means right?”

Sunny tilted her head in confusion. “W-what…”

“You have to give it back to him.” Soo Young said with a serious face.

Sunny took it from her hands and was confused why Soo Young was acting weird..Obviously she had to give it back to Taecyeon. She knew it. But she didn’t know why she saw Soo Young say it with a serious face. Sunny nodded at Soo Young and placed it in her purse.

“Okay~ it’s time to hear what happened, Sunny!” Yoona called out as she patted a spot next to her on the sofa.

Sunny sighed and the rest followed her to the big sofa except for Soo Young.

Soo Young turned around.

Sungmin oppa…why did this fairytale of yours have to start now?[

The end of chapter 4

A/N:Hello, yes it's been a while! I haven't updated this and BLEH! I feel terrible about it! I'm seriously getting lazy to update this on LJ....maybe if I get more readers?! LOL it's nvm xD

Hope you enjoyed!

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