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12 December 2009 @ 08:27 pm
I Want You {Chapter 6}  
Title: I Want You
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N:Chapter 6 is now upppp!

Previously: Prologue||O1||O2||O3||O4||O5

Chapter O6

When Jessica plopped her herself next to Jae Beom, Jae Beom leaned back, having both of his hands supporting himself, out behind him. Jessica folded her hands together on her lap with her legs swinging back and forth off the edge. Jessica didn't take a glance to look back at him. It's because her heart was racing at ultimate speeds. She thought that if she'd look back she would catch him starring at her. She would get nervous if she would catch him starring at her. She couldn't really tell if he was, but she felt two invisible rays striking her at the back of her head that was produced by Jae Beom. Although he did before--stare at her that is just last night, these current events that occurred at this very moment, made her become more nervous around him. He was the one who caught her in the most humiliating broken positions ever.

She took a big gulp and looked down at her folded hands that were neatly placed on her lap. Jae Beom starred from behind her. He smiled to himself and looked forward towards beautiful morning Seoul. Silence crept up to them, as they both didn't say a word. Jae Beom glanced back to her and bit his lip. He then sat up straight, and was tilting his head to her so she could notice him. She quickly looked up as she saw his face from her peripheral vision. Surprised a second time, she placed her hand on her chest. Jae Beom smirked and started a new conversation.

"Are your feet okay now?"

Jessica nodded her head. "Yes they're all good now...thanks."

Jae Beom nodded in response. Silence engulfed them a second time. This time it was an awkward silence that both of them just wanted to break immediately.



They both laughed and their heads dropped to the position Jessica's head was a minute ago. Jae Beom brought his head up, still smiling and said "You first."

Jessica opened her mouth, and then suddenly closed it. She starred at Jae Beom deeply in his eyes, a relieved expression flowing through them. She saw happiness and freedom.

"Why do you like being called just Jae Beom?"

Jae Beom once again crossed his muscular arms across his bulging toned chest.

"I don't know..I find it weird being called my full name formally."

"Why?" she tilted her head.

He brought his arms down. "It's because I came from the States, and we don't do formalities there."

Jessica gave a surprised expression "The States?!" she questioned.

"Yeah, what's so shocking about that?" It was his turn to tilt his head at her.

Jessica giggled "It's because I came from there too." She ended off smiling at him.

Jae Beom smiled, with a happy tone in his voice. He sweetly responded "Nice to meet someone from there".

This conversation continued on for about thirty minutes. They talked about the most randomness things. Jessica learned that he was part of a b-boying/dance crew back in Seattle called Art Of Movement, and came here because his parents wanted him to learn more about his culture and learn how to speak Korean. She learned funny stories about him, how the 2oneday employees of the club met, and about this morning, which lead him up to the roof to take a nap.

Apparently he came up to the roof to take a nap because he was too lazy to help his friends out prepping up the club. Also the other reason was because Woo Young, Junsu, and Junho were playing the music too loud that he could still hear it in the staff room when he tried taking a nap there. She learned so much about him. Jessica thought that she learned so much about him, and almost everything about him in under thirty minutes. Then she thought about her boyfriend. She got to learn a lot about Dong Hae throughout five years, an equivalent amount comparing to Jae Beom.

Jae Beom seemed so care-free and playful. Compared to Dong Hae he was nice..but you couldn't tell how his personality actually was; he was mysterious. It took her a long a$$ time to learn about her boyfriend. She thought it was so unbelievable, being with someone that she only grew to know in five years, still trying to dig through that hole which would tell her what exactly how her boyfriend was and how she got to know a mere stranger in half an hour.


Jessica looked at Jae Beom.

"Your phone is ringing." He nodded his head at her jacket pocket.

Jessica's body suddenly became tense. Would it be her boyfriend who was calling in? Her hand slowly reached in her pocket and took it out carefully. But to her relief, it wasn't him; it was Sunny. She sighed in relief and took the call.


"Unnie~ Where are you? Yoona's hungry, and Taecyeon-shi isn't here!" Sunny whined over the phone.

"Okay, okay, sorry I just...I just had to call Dong Hae oppa.." Jessica said in her normal tone, but underneath that tone, Jae Beom could hear that something was wrong, something broken was in it.

Jae Beom didn't lift his head to take a look at her, he only listened in on Jessica. He listened on how she was replying over the phone. It wasn't eavesdropping since Jessica was speaking in a normal tone, plus there wasn't anything to distract him from listening in on the conversation.

"Oh okay...hey! How is the reception working there downstairs now?" Jessica asked.

As Jae Beom was listening in on Jessica chatting over the phone, he hoped off the emergency door's roof. He dusted his jeans and looked up at Jessica. Yet again, he held his hand out for her so she could get down.

Jessica complied with reaching out her free-hand and hopping off. When two of her feet settled on the ground, she dusted herself and thanked Jae Beom. He only nodded at her and opened the door for her.

"I don't know, but come quickly!" Sunny ended and hung up the phone.

Jessica smiled and put her phone away.

Jae Beom saw her smile and asked her "What's with the smile?"

Jessica stopped in her tracks and responded with "My friend is bored since the co-worker she needs to give something back to, isn't here."

"Hmmns....there's a lot of employees here..which one?"

"Ok Taecyeon." She replied.


Downstairs, the 2oneday employees that were listening in on Sunny's story and Sunny, and Yoona were still at the bar stand. They had such a great time together, and meeting each other. Although Woo Young, Junho, and Junsu (he came to join in) were chatting along with Sunny, she couldn't help but notice that Nickhun and Chansung were trying to get Yoona's attention.

Nickhun was comforting Yoona since she was complaining how Jessica was taking too long upstairs with her call, and how she was so hungry for food. She patted and cradled her stomach caringly so that it would stop growling.

"Aish! Unnie! I'm so hungry! Where is Jessica unnie!?" she complained cutely.

"She said she's coming! Just wait a little longer.." Sunny assured her.

She hated seeing Yoona miserable without food. But it wasn't as worse as Soo Young craving for food. Now THAT was just plain annoying, so I won't even go there..

Chansung who was sitting next to her, finished up his banana and patted his stomach. Then AGAIN he took out a random banana where he got from for God's sakes who knows. Yoona who wasn't looking at Chansung kept glancing up at the ceiling, and mumbling more complaints. Chansung gulped the remaining taste of banana in his mouth and extended his arm that was holding the 'new' banana. He extended it to her left cheek as he poked it. She suddenly looked at him and widened her eyes asking why he did so.

He cleared his throat and dropped his eyes away from her.

"Here, for you since you're hungry.." his face stoned serious.

Yoona's mouth became an 'o' shape, and faded into a smile. "Thank you Chansung-shi!"

Nickhun saw what happened in front of him. His eyebrows furrowed a little bit. He poured a glass of water for Yoona and placed it in front of her. Yoona now averted her attention towards Nickhun in a questionable look.

"Here Yoona-shi, have some water so you can wash down that banana." He smiled his angelic smile at her.

He then looked at Chansung who was glaring at him. Nickhun only smirked in victory and turned to face Yoona again.

Yoona, who was oblivious to discerning what both were doing, happily sat there and ate her small snack that Chansung gave to her.

Abruptly, she could hear a voice call out from behind her. It was a male's voice that called out. She couldn't identify the persons voice so Yoona, along with everyone else who had their backs turned away from the voice, turned around in unison.

"Yah, you guys! Stop flirting with these ladies, they don't like you."

"Hyung~ but we like them~" Woo Young pouted oh so cutely.

Yoona and Sunny looked from Woo Young to the unknown person who was standing with Jessica. Both of the girls gave Jessica a questioning look as to who was that person. She tilted her head giving a puzzled expression. They darted their eyes at Jae Beom, and averted them back to Jessica. Jessica's mouth became an 'o' and saw what they meant. Woo Young saw the cute questioning faces both girls were giving and decided to introduce their Korean-American friend.

"Yoona-shi, Sunny-shi, meet our fellow employee and friend, Park Jae Beom." Woo Young introduced.

"Hello." He bowed, followed by a smile.

"And Jay, meet Im Yoona-shi and Ok Sunny-shi." He smirked.

"Y-yah!" Sunny spoke, her cheeks starting to heat up.

Everyone started to giggle except for Sunny who was embarrassed and Jae Beom who was just clueless.

"Ok Sunny? You have the same last name as Taec?" he asked her.

Sunny furiously shook her head now lowering her head in embarrassment.

'Why oh why am I always the one that gets teased!? ' she thought.

"Oh yeah by the way Jay, where's hyung?" Junho asked referring to Taecyeon.

"Taec's sleeping in. He has to run errands with Baek Ji Young nuna today so he isn't coming to work.." Jae Beom explained.

"Why?" Jae Beom asked.

All eyes were on Sunny starring at her head which she lowered.

Nickhun took his cloth from the back counter of the bar, and started wiping the surface around him. He looked up at Jae Beom and smiled.

"Ask Sunny-shi." He replied in his sugary sweet tone.

"Oh?" he gave a small smile while he raised one of his eyebrows.

Sunny's head snapped up and looked at Jae Beom.

"Nothing! There's nothing! Here's Taecyeon-shi's handkerchief! C'mon you guys!" she quickly got up.

She handed Jae Beom Taecyeon's handkerchief, grabbed Jessica and Yoona's arms and dragged them towards and across the dance floor. The 2oneday members gave dumbfounded looks as their eyes followed the trio exiting out their way they came in. Yoona and Jessica realized what was happening, they couldn't just leave so suddenly, so Yoona shouted something out to them.

"Sorry you guys! Thank you and Bye! See you next time!" Yoona called out.

Nickhun shouted back "Nice meeting you! Bye~".

"Bye!" the rest of the boys shouted back.

The six of them watched as the three figures disappeared into the hallway that connected the actual club to the entrance.

Woo Young sighed and saw the glass of water which Yoona was once drinking before.

'Hmm..what a waste' he thought.

He walked next to Chansung, picked up her drink that she abandoned just now and gulped the whole thing down. Nickhun and Chansung's eyes widened as they saw Woo Young drink from Yoona's lonesome glass of water.

"Hyung!" Chansung punched Woo Young's right arm.

"Ow! What!?" he asked, while licking his lips.

Chansung did a face palm and looked at Nickhun. Nickhun's adorable baby eyes became in a sudden fury, but just restrained himself from strangling baby cheeks Woo Young from drinking from her cup. It was the first kiss Yoona gave out to at least one of them. Technically it was an indirect kiss, but these boys were very sensitive about small things like these.

"Okay..no one explained to me why uh..Sunny-shi's last name is Ok. I find that rare. I mean who has the last name Ok? Is it a common name here in Korea?" Jae Beom asked as he sat on Sunny's bar stool giving questioning stares at his friends.

"It's not common...but, hyung we have a story for you.." Junsu said, a smile started to form on his face.

"Shoot. There's nothing to do anyways" Jae Beom answered.

"Well~ Last night?." Junsu started to explain the story of Taecyeon and Sunny.

Jae Beom became totally attentive in listening on to what happened last night.


After listening to Junsu's story, Jae Beom who was holding Taecyeon's handkerchief decided to give it back. He suggested it, and everyone cheered in agreement. Oh how much they wanted to tease their toothy friend! They all went out of the club and locked it up so it could be safe and secured. They walked to the LRT train station in a big and fired up group. It was part of the route to get to Taecyeon's house. While on the train Junho noticed something. He asked what would happen if he wasn't there, like Jae Beom said; he had to run errands with Baek Ji Young nuna. Jae Beom assured him that they weren't going until 2pm in the afternoon, and it was only around noon.

When they got off, they went to Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon's condominium. It was a nice neighbourhood. It reminded Jae Beom of the nice neighbourhoods back in Seattle. When all the boys were on their way up to the 4th floor, they came up with a funny (A/N: or what I call stupid) way to greet their tall beasty friend.


Ding dong~

The doorbell rang the two notes that played an echoic melody rung in Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon's condo. Ji Young was taking a shower, the bathroom door closed shut for privacy. She couldn't hear anything because of the hot water spurting out of the shower head and splashing hard on the tub surface. So the doorbell wasn't at all audible for her to hear.

Taecyeon on the other hand, was fast asleep in his bedroom. Once he heard the doorbell ring, he groaned as he took another pillow on his bed that wasn't occupied by his head and threw it on top of his head to block out the noise. But that didn't help at all, since the visitors kept ringing the doorbell like how little kids would to make the home owners pissed off.

With one more doorbell ring, Taecyeon tossed his warm blanket off of his body, and went out of his room. He walked towards the entrance door, his eyes squinted as he winced at the sudden brightness that was emitted in the condo. The condo looked really neat; the living room was a nice tan colour which complimented the kitchen that had a white modern look to it. The floor was a warm chestnut hardwood, with furniture that was pitch white. Everything in the condo was so natural and comfortable looking, that if anyone would come in, they would feel right at home.

Taecyeon heaved a loud sigh, wiping his tired face with one hand and turned the knob. He opened it wide open, then a sudden frown appeared on his face. He saw his friends, Woo Young with a cloth he had wrapped around his head. He looked like those Old Italian grandmas which wore cloths around their heads or like those nuns at church. Junho, and Chansung did the same but with a pink and purple cloth instead. Jae Beom was standing behind them just smiling and nudging his arm at Junsu, whispering "Do you think he'll notice the handkerchief Woo Young is wearing?" In return Junsu only laughed in response. Nickhun was behind Junsu and Jae Beom playing a game on his cell phone vigorously, as he focused on only getting the highest score.

"What the heck?!" Taecyeon stared at the three who were wearing cloths around their faces like nuns.

"Ok Taecyeon, wipe my face! I accidentally spilled my drink all over it~" Woo Young said in a disturbing imitated woman's voice.

"Yes, T-Taecyeon-shi! I'm too drunk to do it myself~" Chansung tried imitating Sunny but was giggling.

Taecyeon's eyes widened in astonishment. He knew what they were talking about, then pulled hard at the three inside. All of them fell in a pile. Junho on the top, Chansung being the inside filing of the sandwich, and Woo Young......squished on the bottom....dead.

Taecyeon was now fully awake, and turned to the other three.

"Where did you guys hear about this?"

"Taecyeon, this would be my several time listening to this..but whatever, I like it anyways." Junsu walked in and stepped over the man sandwich that was in the entrance boot area.

Taecyeon raised an eyebrow at Jae Beom. Jae Beom walked up to him and stared at his chest. Taecyeon wasn't wearing a shirt. He never wears a shirt whenever he goes to sleep, he would only wear his sweats and that's it. Jae Beom stuck his hands out and cupped his hands on Taecyeon's man boobs. He moved them in circles saying

"That girl goin` tuh have fun wit chu guys huh?" he said in his English slang and smirked.

Taecyeon shoved Jae Beom away inside the condo and criss crossed his hands, covering his man boobs.

Nickhun and Jae Beom did the same as Junsu. They walked over the man sandwich of his friends and sat in the white recliner in the living room.

"CAN YOU GET OFF!?" Woo Young yelled breathlessly at Chansung and Junho.

"AISH YOU GUYS! I don't need a guy with a big a$$, and one that eats a lot, to squish poor little me!" Woo Young shouted flailing his arms and legs that were the only things he could move.

Junho got up, but was pouting at Woo Young's comment. When Chansung got up he was only laughing and instead of stepping over Woo Young, he stepped on Woo Young's back and walked towards the living room to join the rest. Woo Young breathlessly sighed and picked himself up.

Taecyeon was the one dead in the center of the living room, standing tall, with his hands on his hips.

"What are you guys doing here? You know that Ji Young nuna and I have to go run some errands." Taecyeon's voice roared in his questioning tone.

Hearing this question brought smiles to his friends. They exchanged dorky smiles at each other, then all eyes fell on the tall beast.

"Didn't you just hear our entrance greeting?" Chansung asked Taecyeon while taking out another banana. He sat down next to Junsu who was on his creamy yellow love seat.

"Yeah hyung, don't know what we're talking about?" Junho added in.

Taecyeon scratched the back of his head, trying to reminisce last night's events with that cute, short woman. He thought about how he didn't see any of his friends around his area. How would they possibly be able to see what was happening to him? Plus they had their own jobs to do around the club. So how would they be updated with Taecyeon's up to date life?

"We know about the girl - Sunny." Jae Beom stated raising his feet up as he reclined the chair, putting his hands at the back of his head. He smiled.

"Yeah...how do you guys know?" Taecyeon cautiously asked.

"Because we're like this." Woo Young held up his hand at Taecyeon, crossing his index and middle finger together symbolizing how close they are using his hands as a representation.

Taecyeon sighed. "I know we're real close Woo Young, but how did you guys find out about Sunny-shi?"

"She came over today at the club while all of us were prepping it up." Jae Beom said.

After Jae Beom said this, all the rest of the five threw pillows at him.

"What do you mean ALL?!" Woo Young asked. "You were sleeping on the roof as we worked our butts off downstairs!"

"Yah! Jae Beomie! If only you came to at least dance properly with us, then I wouldn't have Woo Young make me do another ssanti dance and have my a$$ get worked on by Woo Young's hand slapping!" Junho pouted.

"Aigoo, Junho-ah, but it is all too irresistible - your butt that is." Jae Beom teased.

Junho was about to retort and defend himself, but Taecyeon interrupted with the same question, luring his friends back on the subject that was so quickly changed.

"YAH! Who cares right now about you're a$$ Junho!" Taecyeon stared at Junho who was still pouting, then looked over at Jay "Jay, you were saying about Sunny-shi coming over?" Taecyeon's facial expression turned to a more engaged look.

"Well....She came over with her two other friends that claim to come with her last night, along with some other girls but they didn't come to the club this morning. She..well these guys told me about what happened between you and her. And yeah, apparently she came this morning to just return a handkerchief--the one that Woo was wearing on his head when you opened the door." Jae Beom nodded his head at Woo Young who gave a peace sign as Taecyeon switched his view to him.

Taecyeon wiped his face with his hand. He felt in his gut feeling he should've went to work this morning. But he was tired. Yesterday he had planned to go home around four in the morning, and just sleep in like usual. His sleeping patterns were extremely out of place, sleeping from 2-6 hours only. He was tired because of his job, and because of studying from late night to early in the morning. But despite how tired he was, right this instant he had the feeling of regretting his plan.

"Did she leave any message for me?" He asked sitting in the other recliner chair.

"No, the last thing that happened was when Woo Young introduced Sunny with your surname, and then she blushed and dragged away her two friends." Jae Beom answered.

Taecyeon glared at Woo Young who stood up and was in the kitchen looking for something.

"Taecyeonie, where's the dried mango's? " he asked licking his lips.

"There isn't any more I accidently threw them away." Taecyeon said with a straight face. Suddenly all of them except for Taecyeon had frightened pairs of eyes. Throwing away food was just a terrible thing especially when the food you throw away was dried mangos. All of them were in love with dried mangos, Taecyeon was too, but of course he was just kidding and this was only to not give Woo Young any dried mangos since he introduced Sunny with his Taecyeon's surname. He thought of how Sunny might've felt.

"HYUNG! How could you do something like throwing away such precious things in life?!" Woo Young ran over to Taecyeon with and was on bended knees.

"What's going on here?" Baek Ji Young's voice came from the hallway.

Now all of the guys' eyes were staring at the arch frame that enters to the hallway. Baek Ji Young went through there, entering with a questionable expression plastered on her face.

"Omo! You guys are all here?!" she brought her hand to her mouth.

"Ji Young nuna~" they said in their manly voices in unison, running to go and hug her like little children.

Ever since they met Taecyeon and started being friends with him, Taecyeon introduced his Baek Ji Young nuna. He told them about his situation and how he was living with her. Although his friends didn't show it, they gave sympathy for Taecyeon and were so happy about the fact that Baek Ji Young would do such a generous thing for him. Throughout the years, they have been close to her. It was as if they were just one big family; a family with many younger brothers and one caring, sweet older sister.

"Nuna~ Taecyeon threw away the dried mango's! Smite him! Smite!" Woo Young pouted tugging at her t-shirt's sleeve.

"Aweh Woo Youngie.." she cooed off patting his head. She turned her head at Taecyeon "YAH! Taecyeon-ah! Why'd you lie?! We have five boxes of them! They're all in your room!" she yelled at him.

"Nuna! Don't tell them! They don't deserve to get any!" Taecyeon held off Chansung who attempted to run to his room.

"Yah! And why is that?!" Baek Ji Young asked.

Taecyeon scowled, crossing his arms and marching to his recliner. Baek Ji Young quirked up an eyebrow. She then looked at the guys all around her.

"Why is that?" she asked.

Junho, with his small chinky eyes answered "Because of this girl named Sunny-shi.."

Baek Ji Young raised both her eyebrows in an attracted effect as she was intrigued on this new started topic.


Everyone smiled corner to corner as they knew just what to do; tell the story. They surely didn't get tired of telling this story. For a long time they haven't been able to tease their tall friend, now that they've had this one thing, they would use it to their advantage.

They all came back to their seats, and they started informing her on what happened between this girl named Sunny and Taecyeon. She was really engaged at the story. When the story came to an end, she turned her attention to Taecyeon who was hugging a pillow covering his face.

"Wow Taecyeon-ah, you're so greasy!" she laughed.

Taecyeon picked up his head from his loner position, and glared ice cold at his nuna.

"Shut up. She was cute, and I wanted to be a gentleman like how guys are supposed to be." Taecyeon said in his defence.

This conversation went on till Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon had to go and run their errands, making the guys leave and off to the gym.


Weeks have past--two weeks to be exact. Everyone went about their days going to school, working, and sometimes if they have time, meeting up with each other. Sunny's friends teasing died down slowly as the days past, as well as Taecyeons friends' teasing.

It was a Tuesday when Sunny was jogging down a hallway at Dang Woo university. She was wearing a white frilly mini skirt and a somewhat loose light pink tee with a sketch of a mouse on it. Her hair was waved in a perfect and precise way to complete her cute look, with also creamy yellow socks she wore under her red high heels. She carried two text books in one arm and her black suede purse in the other. She was tired today, but she was still rushing to her next class. She didn't want to be late because last time she did for this class, she missed the first ten minutes of the lecture and they've already covered very important key parts in the course.

'Aish! I can't afford to be late!' she thought as she quickened her pace.

She only had one thing in her mind; getting to her class. She blocked out the rest of the world around her, only to complete this simple task.

When she was nearing the corner she needed to turn, she bumped into someone, resulting in her textbooks flying and dropping relentlessly onto the floor, as well as her purse. The other person's bag fell at the impact as well, and some from the person's bag contents did also. Sunny didn't even glance at who it was and just bowed in a 90 degree angle apologizing with a 'sorry' and dropping to the floor to pick up her stuff. The other person did so as well, following her in suit. She didn't looked up who it was since she just wanted to quickly get up from this situation which was stalling her from getting to her next class.

'Oh GREAT! Just GREAT!' she complained in her head.

The two of them were now crouched down collecting all their belongings. Sunny took notice on how big the person's hands were and guessed the person was a guy. She grabbed her purse, and when picking up her text books into her other hand, she saw it. It was the same cloth she had been teased about from that one night her and her friends went to the club. It had the initials 'O.T' embroidered on it. When realization hit her, her head tilted up to see if it was really him. And there he was, his red faux hawk hair, his fierce, yet seductive dark eyes, his handsome face, his muscular body; Ok Taecyeon.

Sunny's heart pounded the same way it had all those days ago. She suddenly felt her palms that were clasping on her text books start to get sweaty.

"T-Taecyeon -s-shi?" she asked in a soft and questioning tone.

He looked up, one hand about to grab the handkerchief. His eyes widened.

"Sunny-shi?!" he answered.

Sunny's mouth opened and she bowed her head a little apologizing "I-I'm sorry!" ,she looked up again, "I shouldn't be running in the hallway.."

Taecyeon's surprised eyes became softer, as he smiled and shook his head at her.

"No, it's fine." With that he picked up the handkerchief, stood up and extended a hand out to her.

She took his hand and Taecyeon helped her up. She pulled her purse over her shoulder so it could hang there perfectly. She brought her hand to her mouth and started to bite her index finger's nail when looking up at Taecyeon. She pouted cutely as she stared up at him. She didn't know it, but Taecyeon was fighting off an urge to scream "YOU ARE SO CUTE!".

Instead Taecyeon asked "So where are you headed? You seem you're in a hurry.."

"I'm going to my English course. It's for my second language, and I just want to be early" she laughed awkwardly. She felt very nervous. God! She was totally caught off guard. She promised herself all those days ago that if she were to ever meet him--which she thought was highly unlikely- she'd practice on what she'd say. She knew herself for being clumsy and would humiliate herself with words, but so suddenly at this very moment, she was spilling words already without practice. She had to be careful.

"Oh...I see, well since you're in a hurry, I'll let you go." He smiled at her.

Sunny nodded her head and smiled up at him. "It was nice seeing you again Taecyeon-shi." She said.

She sighed in relief that she didn't say something stupid, but her stomach churned in un-satisfaction. Sunny felt like something was definitely missing.

Out of the days where she had been thinking about him, she expected too much out of it. She imagined her second meeting with him would be just like those kind of Disney princess movies where the princess tries to push him away and he just sings to her. The prince would ask pleadingly when would be their next meeting, while the princess would just say she would have to go back to her parents waiting at her castle, but they'll meet again. She imagined it would be something magical, that they would promise to meet each other once more. But this was reality. She was just a mere stranger to him. She thought how it was just his job to act the way he did at the club. Just like this, was how they were going to end their second meeting. Nothing more, nothing less was going to happen.

"Thank you for trying to give back my handkerchief, and it was nice seeing you again." He smiled and went to the side for her to walk past him.

She nodded at him, and as she walked step by step, Taecyeon watched her back as she walked in the direction he just came from. Like this, he wasn't going to ever see her again. This university was big, so it would only take a miracle for them to meet up again. Jae Beom even went to the same university yet, he never saw him. His excitement that was built up from seeing her again quickly died down. He thought of stopping her and asking for her number, but she was in a hurry, and forced himself not to. He should just leave her be. Then a sudden memory came into his head. He closed his eyes at the memory that he watched behind his eyelids.

"Uppa, should I try soccer? I mean?I know that you want me to focus on my studies..but the coach offered me to try out since he says my technique is good.." Taecyeon swayed his body side to side, fiddling with his fingers shyly.

Taecyeon's father's eyes wrinkled at the corners as he smiled at his son.

"Look son, no matter how small, big, wealthy, amazing, or unreal an opportunity may seem, take it with caution and pride. You might never know what's in store."

Taecyeon opened his eyes, and glanced his head back at the slowly beginning to be small figure of Sunny. That memory he just had occurred when he just started middle school. His parents wanted him to just focus on his studies, and he did just that. He wanted his parents to be proud of him, but he felt like he was missing something. During gym class when the section they were learning was soccer, he did his best and that resulted in having his gym teacher recommend him to the soccer coach, which came upon him offering a position in the schools soccer team. Taecyeon, being an obedient son of Mister and Misses Ok, didn't know what to do and came to his uppa for some help. His question lead to his father's caring and wise words.

When he accepted the offer, he tried out. The coach saw how good he was, and even boosted him up to be in the senior soccer team; he even promoted Taecyeon in becoming the soccer teams' captain! So could he leave an opportunity like this, plainly behind? He just remembered how that small 'giving in' decision lead to a big success. He calculated in his head how this wasn't any different.

Taecyeon smiled to himself ' What the heck? How about it?' he thought.

Taecyeon cleared his throat and shouted out "Sunny-shi!" He got some weird stares from some other students who were walking down the almost busy hallway.

He saw Sunny's figure stop. She slowly turned around to face who called her and found it was Taecyeon again. Taecyeon smiled and jogged up to her. When he was in front of her again he smiled down at her.

"Taecyeon-shi? Is there something else you need?...OMO! Did I pick up any of your stuff?!" she realized and rummaged through her big purse.

'Aish! So much for not acting stupid in front of him..' she thought and scowled in her head.

Taecyeon shook his head "No."

Sunny stopped what she was doing, then brought her eyes up at Taecyeon who's smile was as white as diamonds.

"Then what's it that you need?"

Taecyeon brought up his hand and scratched the back of his head "Well...not necessarily need...but do...do you want to exchange numbers?" he asked looking at the side, still scratching his head.

At that moment, Sunny's long awaited butterflies broke out of their cocoons in her stomach and started fluttering in her stomach. Never in her whole life was she asked for her number, let alone have a guy ask her out. Her stomach churned in excitement as she smiled with a calm face up at him, despite how happy and amazing she felt at the moment.

"S-sure." She answered.

His eyes averted back to her as he said happily "Okay." He fished out his phone and asked for her number. She complied with telling him her number. She did the same, and put away her phone.

"Well, see you around then." He said.

"Un! See you Taecyeon-shi!" she waved off, smiling happily. She turned around and bit her bottom lip to make her stop from smiling too much.

Taecyeon turned around as he saw her start to walk off.

'Uppa..Could this be another gold medal?' he thought.

It wasn't really a Disney princess scene, but it was one to Sunny. She didn't know this but, she was going to be able to meet her prince again.

The end of chapter 6

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