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20 September 2009 @ 04:02 pm
Weeelll, school just started 2 weeks ago, and since then it's been depressing =.= I have no friends in ANY of my classes, so bascially I'm a loner T_T BUT! except for band &nd french, I have some there *phew* but overall I'm stuck with random people I don't know. Bleh! It sucks, but ever since last week I started to cope with it, and I'm finding myself to be more independant o^^o. Yey! I thought about starting things new and fresh so I changed my profile layout &nd my journal layout. I was thinking of going for a black journal layout, but yet...I liked colourful layouts better xD (I'm so complicated) Bahh! I hope this layout doesn't look too light *____* but w/e xD

`nyways, fangirling over k-pop stuff for 2 weeks straight, and dayummmm it's been hectic with all the lawsuits/ resigning members/ and assaults TT___TT.

1. There's that DBSK lawsuit which member's Junsu, JaeJoong, and Chun are facing off!!!
(my side comments: BAHH! I will always keep the faith xD Just hold on oppa's! )
2. Jaebeom from 2pm isn't in the group no more! D:! I cried a lot the ay he resigned in being leader AND being in the group altogether! People may not know it, but I have mad love for 2pm..
(my side comments:Jaee~~~ I hope him the best!)
3. Kangin , in a assault b/c of a fight at a br he was at T_T

Yeahhhh I've been depressed on the whole thing especially the whole thing with Jae leaving 2pm : ( But yeah, since I've been reading all these articles, and stuff that k-music celebs are saying about him, I get less and less sad. Because of people that are supporting him like those fans in Korea that wrote stuff how he should come back and those other fans in Seattle that wrote stickies for him to go back to Korea (I think...i heard this from my friend), I have faithhh! BAHAHHA

Right now things in Korea are a little bit chilled, so I'm just happy because of that ^^

BONUS: hehe, aweehhh! oh my lovable Toothy, Dorkie, director ~ Taecyeon ^^
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07 September 2009 @ 04:50 pm
`Heey bb girls! If any of you are not seeing me around lately (you guys who write RyoDa fics, yenno how I always comment on your guys' works xD) , well I got some news for you guys..

I'm taking a hiatus from Johnny's Entertainment stuff. That means KAT-TUN, NEWS, writing fictions, reading &nd commenting on your guys' works, and anything related to Johnny's Entertainment. It may be a real shock and you might think "ARE YOU CRAZY GIRL!?" XD but yeah seriously, I got reaal bored of every group. I mean, there's nothing new, and exciting--well that's what I think.. My cause for this Hiatus from JE is because of the group DBSK bahaha! Actually they were the very first asian boyband that I was introduced to--but anyways, after three long years with neglecting them (LOL I call it neglecting since I haven't been fangirling over them in years, and my devotion to them is like those Cassiopeia fans), when I was bored of JE i suddenly checked them out more and more, then suddenly BAM! I was hit with the same cupid who made me fall in love with them all those years ago XD.

You may think, "Oh my gosh, How can you NOT fangirl over KAT-TUN or NEWS?!" Gahh, been there , done that, nothing new, they're the same, end of story xD. But for all of my fic readers please understand this clearly: I am NOT going to stop writing JE forever. I mentioned before that I am not going to write of the fandoms in JE, but it depends if along the road I feel like writing JE, then I will.

Anyone that is apart of turf_fanfix, if any of you guys have any questions or concerns of the comm about if I'm still going to watch over it.. the answer is simply yes. I am still going to take care of it and keep it in good condition, I'm not abandoning JE forever, I'm still going to go on LJ (to check the DBSK comm xD) so no worries kaiis? ^^

It's going to be sorta sad that I won't be keeping in contact with all you fic readers and writers for a long time, but it's like the DBSK comm and fics, and fans are awaiting me to re-enter their circle xD *gets weird looks shot at me* x.X But seriously, DBSK really does need their fans and every support they can get with all the chaos that is happening with them right now.

Rolling on just to wrap the entry up, I love all of you guys (especially who read this xD), and I'll miss yah. I'll keep the faith ♥

pCe out ^3^V
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25 July 2009 @ 12:37 pm

I was tagged in this by my friend on facebook. She's very supersticious and all, and seriously I don't really believe in stuff like that. I didn't post this on my fbook note because 1)I don't have someone I 'love' right now 2) I don't believe in things like this 3) I expect the unexpected..I decided to post it here on LJ because I thought that sharing this chain thingy would be cool and stuff since in this chain thingy; it had really sweet things a boyfriend should do to their girlfriends haha...

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17 July 2009 @ 02:50 pm
Ureshii desu! I'm no longer bored o(^__^)o ...well sorta because I'm still watching only 1 drama..but I'm not bored anymore because of the drama. It's because I'm getting to go out and hanging with Erika nee-chan :3 *dances*. I went over 2 times and watched scary movies and we had bbq 2 times xDD uwahh~~ I feel soo fat LOL . But good thing i exercise (or is it work out...?) 45 minutes everyday . I got sooo scared of the scary movies that I couldn't go through the hallway in my house alone x__X . My cousin says I'm wayyyy too much of a chicken, and I totally agree xD lmao! But yeahh, Monii-chan is back *dances* and she is still in Asia time-zone xD. But I think she is over it by now :3

Uwah~ next week Imma go with my cousins, my sister, and their friends including Erika to this carnival thingy we have once a year in the summer : ) can't wait! Also on the same week I'm going with one of my other friends, hehe mini-doughnuts here we come~~~ xDD (im sucha fattay)

I thought about another fanfiction idea, and this time it's PiDa. It's actually a big step since I only write RyoDa..but still PiDa is one of my otp's soo yeah, they deserve much love also♥ . I'm going to post chapter 3 for My Cute Boyfriend maybe today or tomorrow since it's done already! *sighs in relief* I struggled totally in the beginning, but hopefully it's good....

The whole reason why I wrote this was to have a review on Buzzer Beat! Holay shietson! IT IS AMAZING~~~! I swear, every single drama/movie Yamapi is in; they're all AWESOME! NO joke! Ever since I began watching, till i was finished I was flailing till no end xD. It's soo good, if anyone is wondering if they should watch it, TOTALLY THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD WATCH *____* Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko actually make a cute pair! First off I thought that I was going to be mad that she is the girl that Yamapi likes, but really I don't care because it's cute♥ ^^ What's weird is I downloaded the episode and I spent 2 hours finding out how to watch the srt file and I was impatient because I really wanted to see the 3rd-last scene with Yamapi and Keiko..

I really think that my personal rambles are stuupid, dunno why I'm making one since I'm not bored...HAHA i'm sucha loser =__=''
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09 July 2009 @ 05:08 pm
*sighs* I'm soooo bored these days, it's been killing me! I am stuck with drama watching and checking new stuff on LJ around kattunlove and news_jpop communites. I'm actually quite tired of it, also with facebook--I mean I took sooo many tests, it's not even funny! And thus, I was just tooo bored so I made a personal journal entry instead of a fic entry! Btw, I'm working on My Cute Boyfriend since it's summer vacation, yey!! Haaa~~ so happy there's no school for another two months! Isn't everybody happy? lol, I am, most definately! : )

I'm missing my nee-chan Erika soooo much! When she told me that she was going on hiatus I felt like a total 50% of my happiness level went down. I was really, really sad for like a week, but then when I went over to her hosue she lay everything out for me and told me she wants to focuz more on uni and helping around the house. I totally understand but it's still sad ne? TT____TT she is deeply missed xD

Please don't mind this lame journal entry LOL, I feel that this is a waste, and I could work on my fic, but it's just I spent too many hours (was it 2 or 3 hours?) writing it and I just got sooo friggin BORED! And if I push myself to write even though I'm bored, I'm afraid my mood would ruin what I'm writing o__O , so I just stop completely *nodds*. I believe that when my mood is good then I can write, and it'll show how good it is in the end : )
I seriously can't wait till the chapter is done because, seriously I'm liking it myself! HAHA *hits self* sorry, I'mm being too full of myself ^___^; Sooo look forward to my update! *bows*

I bet all of you already know I am a very SLOW updater xD sorry people, but I'm too self-conscious(is that how you even spell it? xD) about my writing. I ask myself "is it even good enough?" or "will they imagine it in their heads and go 'kya' all over it?" xD

Nothing new happened this summer, it's boring as always, just lazing around and watching asian dramas. I bet you may ask "why don't you go out?" IT"S RAINING X___X dammit all man! geez!

Haaa~~~Weelll imma close up this unnessicary (is that how you spell that word too? xD) journal entry! I'll rant more later ; )♥♥
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29 June 2009 @ 07:57 pm
Title: It's worth the wait
Pairing: RyoDa
Genre: fluff
Summary: Ryo expresses what he feels for Ueda Tatsuya. He's been hoping for this day a long time. Will Tatsuya accept him?
A/N: It's been a while since a while since I wrote..so Yey! another one-shot! Enjoy : )

It's Worth the Wait...Collapse )
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13 February 2009 @ 09:35 pm

Title:The magazine quiz {one-shot}
Genre: fluff
Summary: Ueda went to NewS' changing room since one of his bandmates borrowed a magazine of his and left it there. As expected, he finds the magazine. Then Ueda opens the magazine that leaves him surprised. Surprised not because that someone wrote in it, but surprised as to the writing he does not seem to recognise...
A/N: (so bad at summaries yuckiieee!) This is my Valentines day gift for you Ryoda lover's out there...enjoyy~!

The magazine quizCollapse )





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31 December 2008 @ 11:53 am

Title: Old Friends
Pairing: Ryoda
Characters: Jinda (One-sided) , others along the way
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own them TT___TT
Rating: PG..maybe a little PG-13 later on..
Summary: Things haven't been going well between Ryo and Ueda, lately they have been in a fight and Ueda feels terrible. To clear up his mind and hopefully forget about the fight between himself and his lover, Ueda buys a ticket to Hawaii! As Ueda is there, he wonders to himself; if when he goes back to Tokyo, will he have the courage to ask for forgivness from Ryo. Unfortunately, Ueda meets a girl while on Vacation. Could this be a start of a new or possibly old love for Ueda? Will he still keep Ryo in his mind? Please Read (^__^)V .



Chapter 2Collapse )

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16 December 2008 @ 08:25 pm

Uwaaahhh~! Wow i''ve been on hiatus so long after writing my ryoda fic... >__<''
I can't wait till Christmas holidays, I get to work on the fic and maybe start another fic...mehehehe...
I'm so happy that i changed my beta reader. geez my sister is so lazy to read even one sentence, that i told my friend about it,
then finally she read the first chapter of old friends , and she agreed so I'm so happy~! V(^O^)V
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