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09 October 2009 @ 09:22 pm
I Want You {Chapter 1}  
Title : I want you
Genre : Romance, fluff, friendship, angst
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N:OMG! I seriously am worn out from posting this fic on different sites x____X -phew- lucky I still posted on LJ though ^^b. Well enjoy this first chapter~!

Previously: Prologue

I Want You

Chapter 1

Today in the Lee household, it was an early morning when Lee Soo Man walked to his home office located on the third floor in his French-styled mansion. He was awfully tired from work which he came only a few hours ago and only got about three hours of sleep. He yawned normally, although his image and status did not fit it.

He was a man who owned SM Entertainment; an agency which produced singing idols. His agency was number one in all of Seoul, and was also ranked number one in best agencies where normal teen citizens would audition for. He produced many popular groups which made him become as rich as he is today or maybe even richer. Since his groups that he produced were getting even more and more popular in South Korea and in other countries, when he went on one of the groups tours in other countries, he created very close ties with other popular agencies. By introduction from the agency which he made close ties with, Lee’s idol groups became popular in other countries.

Thus, being a busy, incredible and successful man that he is, everyday he would go all out with his work, and pull all-nighters to finish some documents that aren’t due till next month. Just like yesterday, he made another schedule for one of his idol groups.
Yes, he is one very successful man overruling the music world. He lives in a French-styled mansion, he is a billionaire, and basically whenever he finds talent he sees dollar signs in his eyes. With the many successes he had in his life up until now, he can’t forget one of his most important, and wonderful successes he ever had; his niece.

He smiled as he thought of her when he entered his gigantic office. His niece’s name is Lee Sunkyu, but goes by the nickname Sunny. Only really close family and friends call her by her real name, since she just liked it like that. But when she had to go to a formal party, or dinner with her uncle’s business partners she was called by her real name.
Lee sat in his black leathered computer chair and eyed his old picture that was taken when he was around his twenties and when Sunny was just a cute little baby. He grinned once more and thought about through all the years he brought her up.

Sunny’s parents are just like her uncle, yet they conquer the business marketing world. They are constantly travelling and moving to different countries all around the globe simply because of their work and different conferences/meetings they need to attend. They have been like this ever since after their little Sunny was born. They only took two years off once her mom found out she was pregnant. After when she was two, her busy parents went back to their busy lives. Sunny’s parents realized they couldn’t take care of her since they were so busy, and they didn’t want to risk flying with a baby across the world since it would be too tiring than their job already is. So Sunny’s father begged Lee Soo Man to take care of her, so she can stay in one country, and not in multiples.

First Soo Man refused his brother’s complicated request, because 1) It isn’t his child and his brother’s child should be brought up properly with her own parents and 2) Soo Man also had his own life to live. Then again his brother begged and begged and brought up that ‘I thought you were my brother’ speech. Thus, making Soo Man give up and fulfill his brother’s request.

Sunny and her uncle, Lee Soo Man, were like father and daughter. Their relationship was like parent and child. Ever since Sunny’s parents gave their daughter to Soo Man to take care of, Sunny grew up loving and admiring her uncle as if he was her own father. He brought her up like one of his own despite the fact that it was his brother’s child. Their bond could never be broken; their closeness could never be broken as well.

knock knock

“Come in” responded Lee as he looked up at his home office door.

A lady about in her thirties came in with a huge pile of papers in her hands that were stacked up to her nose. She was skinny, tall, and wore two inched high heels (A/N: yeah I know she’s so pro *___*). Her hair was light brown, twisted into a neat bun. She wore glasses that were rectangular black frames, which fit her perfect face. She wore a white fitted dress that went up to two inches above her knees.

“Sorry sir, I should’ve put these on your desk last night..” she settled the papers safe and sound on his chestnut brown desk.

“Kwaenchana” he assured his secretary.

“Okay...well is there anything that I can do for you before I leave to go to the agency sir?”

“No, nothing. It’s actually alright; you may take your leave.” He smiled whole heartedly towards his secretary.

“Okay, see you at work in an hour.” She bowed, and flashed that same smile back at him. She turned around and did what he told her obediently.

Soo Man’s eyes fell back on the old picture on his desk once more, and just remembered something...

“Actually...Hyori-shi..” he called out

Hyori turned around, to see what her boss’ new task was going to be this time. “Yes sir?”

“Could you notify my niece about the formal dinner that we’re going to have tonight? Oh, and mention the Lee’s are going to be there as well.”

“Alright sir, may that be everything?”

“Yes, that would be all, thank you very much.” She bowed then left the room.

Soo Man slouched in his chair to be more comfortable, as he twirled his chair so he could face the massive window that covered the whole wall and starred out at the beautiful sunrise.

“Sunkyu...it’s time.” He spoke to himself in the silence that filled the atmosphere.


In the same mansion, only on the sixth floor lay Lee Soo Man’s niece, Sunny. She snuggled against her mashimaru plush toy which her uncle gave her. See? He even spoils her as if she was his own daughter.

Beeeepp~ Beeeeep~ Beeep~

Sunny whined as she was slightly awakened by her cell phone vibrating, signalling that she had a text message. She tossed and turned in her fluffy bed as a melody played while it vibrated the second time. She tried ignoring the irritating cellular device that wouldn’t cease, yet failed to as it annoyingly rang to no end.


“Aish!” she scowled, as she finally decided to take her phone from her bed side table. She rolled to lay down on her left as her hand patted on the side table, wondering where it was. Her eyes were still closed shut, but she was awake a little. After a few more pats she finally felt her phone and grabbed it.

“Gah! I forgot to put it on silent..” she yawned

She held her phone in front of her face, as she predicted the distance she should read it from. Sunny pressed the unlock buttons on the keypad that she knew by heart and came in contact with a faint light behind her closed eyelids. Now she was fully awakened.

Sunny opened her eyes wide, regretting it since the bright light from her phone made her wince in the sudden brightness. This caused her to blink a few times so she could adjust to the brightness from her phone. She rubbed her eyes before she started to read whom she received her text from.

From: Oppa (^o^)
To: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 7:58am

Morning , my adorable sunshine
: )

Her tired face soon became a delighted grin as she read of who it was from. Sunny forgot how annoyed she was because this person that disturbed her from her nice slumber was the person who she couldn’t have ever gotten mad at. She replied back

To: Oppa (^o^)
From: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 7:59am

Good morning oppa~ ^^

About a minute after..

From: Oppa (^o^)
To: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 8:00am

Am I picking you up today? ; O

To: Oppa (^o^)
From: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 8:02am

No.. I don’t have any courses today ^^

From: Oppa (^o^)
To: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 8:03am

Oh..arasseo . You enjoy then! I have work tonight, so see you tomorrow?

To: Oppa (^o^)
From: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 8:05am

De, see you tomorrow oppa! Good luck with work
Fighting! ^.~

Sunny locked her keypad on her phone, and then re-adjusted her position in her bed. She decided to sleep in once agai-


“AISH! Who is bothering me NOW?!” Sunny ruffled her hair.
She took a glance at her blinking screen. Yuriii >; P it read. ‘Oh no, it’s
Yuri..this better be good..’
she thought.


“YAH! Why are you calling me this early?!” Sunny yelled, her morning voice now was broken.



“Haha~ Whoa unnie! You woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Yuri giggled over the phone.

“Yah! No I didn’t!”

“What ever. Hey, do you wanna go to the club tonight?”
Sunny sighed, and just decided to forget about her annoying greeting from her best friend.

“Why? Who’s going?”

“Oh c’mon Sunny~ you know, the usual. The girls are going to be there.” Yuri replied as she smiled.

Sunny huffed a sigh once more.

“Okay fine...since I don’t have any courses today [i]and [/i] tomorrow is the weekend, I can make an acception.”

“Yey! I knew you’d com—“

“On one condition though!”

“What is it?”

“You guys can’t ditch me...again!” Sunny pouted, which Yuri could sense that she did.

Yuri laughed.

“Oh, my dear Sunny Bunny! Of course not!”

“I mean it Yuri!!”

“Haha! Arasseo, arasseo. We’ll meet you at 10 pm, at our usual place. Anyeong!”

“Okay, Anyeong.”

Sunny lay in bed and blew her straight fringe. This morning was already tiring. What more when they go to the club tonight?

Although Yuri is usually the one to tease and pull pranks, Sunny knew she means no harm. As a matter of fact, Yuri was usually the one to call up all the girls and meet up. Whenever Yuri was the one to invite people, their girl nights out were always a hit. So, Sunny had to give it to her dongsaeng, she was the best, and most fun after all.

Sunny got up and lazily dragged her feet across her huge bedroom towards her bedroom washroom. She was going to get ready for another fun girls night out.
But little did she know, that this fun night out..won’t turn out the way she would want it to be...

The End of Chapter 1

Sooo that’s chapter 1 for you guys~! It’s hellah of a long >.< Sorry if you guys don’t like reading long chapters....and if you think that this chapter is lame. I tried my best..-fiddles with fingers- DX Kaii before you start throwing flames and pitch forks at me b/c I said that SME was #1 and stuff, I needaaa include that so that I can explain Sunny and her families’ status . Right now I feel that SME is really sucha bad idol agency b/c of the whole DBSK lawsuit, and how they blamed other people that it was their fault, and their slave contract D;<

Anywhosss, this chapter is basically to show Sunny’s social status, and what kind of family she’s from, etc.. It gets interesting every chapter so please look forward to that! Taec &nd Sungmin will pop up soon! The characters in the next chapter are for your mind to wonder ; )
Thoughts, Comments, &nd Criticism are welcomed! Please comment, I would appreciate it!

BTW: I will be posting every Friday \(^O^)/
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teletubies_smesteletubies_smes on October 11th, 2009 09:07 am (UTC)
1rst comment. I love the whole chappie.
Yuri is such a cute calling Sunny at that time. Buut i dore the Soshi bond in this

Guessing that Oppa is SungMin, maybe ? Usually the main couple don't appear so obvious at first ^^
oxokawaiioxoxokawaiiox on October 11th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
haha yey! I love the soshi bond as well! you'll see more next chapter ; )

LOL you'll see xD but yes..it usually is like that..

Thanks for reading &nd commenting~