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16 October 2009 @ 10:40 pm
I Want You {Chapter 2}  
Title : I want you
Genre : Romance, fluff, friendship, angst
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N:=___= I'm getting tired of converting this from BB code to HTML code, but here it is, alas! HAHA! ....Yeah I don't think it's that good btw.....

Previously: Prologue||O1

I Want You

Chapter 2

To: Oppa (^o^)
From: Sunny Bunny (>^3^)>
10/02/09 8:05am

De, see you tomorrow oppa! Good luck with work
Fighting! ^.~

Sungmin smiled at his phone. The last reply from his dongsaeng which on his contact list was ‘Sunny Bunny’. He closed his flip phone and walked down a hallway in his mansion that him, and his mom and dad lived in. It had high ceilings, portraits which covered the walls, which one of his mother’s favourite artists painted for their home. It was the same type of theme of Sunny’s house; French-styled. It consisted of many rooms and such. It’s amazing architecture, statues and etc.. wooed many of Sungmins parents’ business partners, also Soo Man; his father’s dear friend.

Sungmin and Sunny grew up with each other because Sunny’s uncle Lee Soo Man was best friends with Sungmin’s dad, Lee Woon Ha. Soo Man and Woon Ha go way back ever since they were high school. After when Sunny was born, Sungmin’s father and Soo Man wanted both of them to be close for some odd reason, so they always set them both up for anything. Sungmin basically knew Sunny for his whole life and vice versa.

“Uhm...excuse me master Sungmin...” a soft females voice called out.

Sungmin turned around then flashed a smile that would make girls flail for him in several kilometres.


The maid blushed a faint rose pink, and shook her head to get out of her dazed moment.

“Your father would like to see you in his office.” She replied.

“Oh, I see. Thank you very much.” He bowed and walked over to his father’s office upstairs.

When he got there, first he knocked a few times and waited for his father to reply.

“You may enter.”

Sungmin opened the door wide and gave a happy grin towards his father who was busy looking at documents while he wore his black framed glasses. The busy man looked up and responded to Sungmin in the same smile.

“Hello son.”

“Hey, what’s up dad? One of the maids said that you needed me?” Sungmin took a seat in a chair in front of his black work desk.

Mr. Lee looked up at him from his papers that he was organizing in his hands. He slowly placed them in a perfect pile next to his coffee cup.

“Son, today we have a formal dinner with the Lee’s.” He said plainly.

“Which ones?”

“Sunkyu and her uncle.” He smiled.

“Oh? I see. Should I use my suit or just a nice dress shirt....” Sungmin leaned back in his chair.

His father laughed.

“For this one....a suit will do.” Woon Ha’s eyes smiled to the extent where Sungmin can see wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He thought it felt really creepy. His dad wasn’t usually like this. Especially in the morning, he would have his grumpy business man’s face on.

“Uh..dad? What’s with the creepy smiling?”

Woon Ha’s mouth turned into an “o” shape and cleared his throat. “Nothing, there isn’t anything..”

Sungmin starred at his dad with a puzzled expression as he itched his chin to show as if he was thinking about a hard mathematical equation.

Woon Ha just starred at Sungmin. “You may go now son. Can’t you see I’m busy here?”

Sungmin scowled. “Yeah, okay dad. I really believe you.” He got up and walked out the door.

Mr. Lee leaned back in his computer chair where he sat and crossed his legs. “Sungmin-ah, I can’t believe that it’s really going to happen.” He smiled and closed his eyes.

Outside the door Sungmin was still listening on his father from closed doors.

“Hmmmn...I wonder...”


“YAH! KITTY~” the girl banged on the door
No answer

“YAH! KITTY!” she continued banging the door.

still no answer.

“YAH! KITTYYYYY~!!!!” she banged the door even louder.

All of a sudden the door was swung way open to expose a tall guy that looked very tired, yet very pissed.

“YAH! WHY ARE YOU BANGING ON MY DOOR?! IT’S 6 IN THE MORNING!” he shouted in his deep voice.

The girl gave an offending look on her face and dropped her mouth wide open. She immediately clenched her teeth and came at the poor tall guy that was about to get a beating.

“YAH! Why are you talking to me like that?! I let you stay here and this is how you treat your elder?!” she started slapping and hitting him on his head (if she could even reach that high).

“OW!...OW!.....OWWW~ YAH!NUNA!” He held her away from him to defend himself, yet she kept on hitting him, swinging her arms chaotically.

“Don’t yell at me like that! Aigoo, aigoo” with two more hits she finally stopped. Both of them parted from each other giving each other death glares that were unwavered. But then the taller guy started to pout so cutely.

“ Ji Young-ah...why did you wake me up so early?! I was having a good dream..plus I have no courses today either...” his body swayed and he started to fiddle with his fingers as he looked at the floor.

Ji Young clicked her tongue and went closer to the taller, young man “Yah. Taecyeon-ah..stop acting so cute. How can I scold you when you look like that?” she smiled up at him.

Taecyeon looked down at Ji Young and gave a disgusted face. “Eww....why are you talking to me like that? It’s weird.”

“YAH! KITTY! AISH! I can’t have a moment of affection from older sister to younger brother?!”

Taecyeon laughed “Haha, nope.” He smiled his toothy grin.

Ji Young rolled her eyes.

“Hey, you still didn’t answer my question............AND STOP CALLING ME KITTY”

“Oh? Haha, what is it kitty~?”

Taecyeon sighed.

“Why’d you wake me up at 6?”

“First of all it isn’t 6 babo kitty! It’s 8 in the morning right now.”

“Ugh! Who cares?! Geez, just tell me why you woke me up this early?!” Taecyeon begun to get annoyed by his Ji Young nuna.

“Well~ I just wanted to tell you that you’re working today at the club. Your boss called.”

“Oh...okay thank you Ji Young-ah.” He flashed his toothy grin once more.

“Aigoo, why are you acting so nice now kitty?” she scowled. Taecyeon just rolled his eyes.

“Bye, bye nuna~” he slowly closed the door shut and locked his several door locks.

“Aish! Who does he think he is? YAH! You’re just like a beast, you lock your door with several locks..aigoo..” she walked away.

Taecyeon went back to his messy bed and started to tidy it up. That whole fiasco he just had this morning , was with his older sister Ji Young. Well...not really his blood sister. Their relationship were like brother and sister.

Taecyeon didn’t live with any of his relatives, nor he didn’t think he had any that were living. He used to live in the States when he was young, along with his parents. He was a happy-go-lucky kid that was always energetic and such. Him and his family got along very well. But suddenly his parents had an abrupt car crash one night when they were on their way to pick up their little Taec and died. Taecyeon was at his babysitter’s house at that time. He waited soundlessly that night for his parents arrival, but it never came. Afterwards he less carefree, and was depressed most of the time. He was only 9 at the time.

When he heard about his grandmother that lived in South Korea (Seoul), he then flew over after the whole funeral session to live with her. While living in Seoul with his grandmother, she suddenly heard that she had cancer and died when he turned 17 years of age. He was in a greater of depression than he had with his parents, and felt he couldn’t do anything. Yet, for some reason he continued school up until now.

Deciding he should get a part time job to pay off his own education, he applied in a book store and got the job. That’s where he met Baek Ji Young, the female that was yelling at him a few moments ago. After working together for a long time, their bond became like older sister and younger brother. Ever since the day that they got real close, he told her about his misfortunes in his life about his family, and how he doesn’t think he has anyone anymore. Ji Young, being sisterly-like, let him stay in her apartment..

”N-no it’s okay nuna...I’m staying in my grandma’s place...”

“Non-sense! That place is old and shabby, plus it’ll remind you of her...”

“It’s okay, at least I’m still living right?”

Ji Young looked at Taec and shook her head. “No! A young student like you, who is about to graduate high school shouldn’t stay in a house that is barely standing anymore.”

Taecyeon sighed in defeat “Okay fine....”

“Good, you aren’t paying any rent either.”

“What!? No...I have to..” Taec puffed his cheeks (A/N:OMG! GAH! TOO CUTE)

“No you shouldn’t, you are only a student and how can I let someone pay for something with this face?” she grabbed his puffed cheeks and deflated them by squishing them together.


Taecyeon smiled at the memory of that. Ji Young was really a nice person. She made Taecyeon’s cold and depressing life more lively little by little. He gave her something that he yearned for; family.

After he was done fixing his bed, he went over to his mirror and combed his hair to get ready to go downstairs for breakfast. Ji Young hated having an improper Taec all untidy; something he got scolded for after living with her. She thought it felt greasy for some reason.


Hours later, it was around 8:00 when Sunny went to the usual place where she met her eight girlfriends. It was at her friend, Soo Young’s fancy boutique salon. The boutique is 2 stories big, walls coloured a white creamy color on the first floor, and then the second floor was coloured baby pink.

Soo Young’s mom is the head of one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Asia, and made this boutique salon especially for Soo Young. Of course she established this boutique for other customers, but her daughter was the total opposite of being a pampered girly girl like her friends.

Soo Young was more of the t-shirt, jean kind of girl. She was a tomboy; her hair was even short in a length that Sunny wouldn’t even try cutting her hair that short. Soo Young’s length of hair was short enough to cover the back of her head but it exposed the back of her neck. It was still flappable though.

When Sunny came to the entrance door she saw that the sign read ‘close’, but she knew that when they would go for a girls night out, Soo Young closed the shop so that only the nine of them were able to hangout. Sunny walked in and that entrance bell rung when the door opened. She looked around the large main floor. There wasn’t anyone there, only a faint sound of music came from upstairs.

“Guys I’m here!” little Sunny shouted into the echoic boutique. A few seconds later she can hear loud footsteps coming from the spiral staircase. Then she saw the eight of her girlfriends running down the stairs, and clumsily running towards Sunny. Sunny started to back away, but was too late; all eight of them were hugging her.

“Ah! W-wait! YOU’RE GOING TO CRUSH ME!!” Sunny screamed.

It only brought all of them into laughter. Afterwards, all of them gave their little Sunny Bunny space and let her breathe.

“C’mon Sunny, we’re doing each other’s hair and make-up for the club! Hurry we don’t have that much time!!” Jessica said excitedly.

“Yes, yes hurry! My mom is here! She brought new products for you guys! Hurry, hurry!” Soo Young pulled Sunny upstairs and was followed by the rest.

Sunny loved it when her friends greeted her. They would always be so welcoming, and would always greet her like how she was just greeted.

As they came up stairs, all of them sat in different places, but in the same area. The hair-dressing chairs were in a big circle. Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Taeyeon went to go get their hair and make-up done first. The rest of the girls helped the four in the hair-dressing chairs do their hair and make-up. It was time to get ready for the night.


Sungmin and his parents arrived at the fancy restaurant Fantasia. Him and his family only went there when there was a big occasion, or when his parents had really big news (good news of course). He was anticipating the whole day because he wanted to know why he was going to this restaurant and the fact that his father was acting weird that morning. Was there something big that his parents were going to tell him and Sunny? Was it about their companies? What exactly was it?

Once they entered they were greeted in the front by the manager dressed up in a formal suit as well, but still had that dress code a manager would wear. The manager happily escorted the Lee’s to their own private V.I.P part of the expensive restaurant.

Lee Soo Man was already there sitting.....alone. Once he noticed his old friend, his friends’ wife, and Sungmin he stood up and bowed to them. Woon Ha hugged his dear old friend. Soo Man nodded to Woon Ha’s wife with a smile he gave whole heartedly. Sungmin shook hands with his best friends’ uncle, then all sat down in their respected seats.

Sungmin looked at his Armani wristwatch. 8:00 it had read. He looked around to look for Sunny.

“Sungmin? Is there something wrong? What are you looking for?” Soo Man asked politely.

“Where is Sunny?”

“Ah! She must be coming, I heard she went to Soo Young’s boutique salon to get ready or something..probably it’s for the dinner..”

“Oh...I see..” he said a little disappointed. He wanted to see Sunny. He missed her.....way more than a friend should..

“Yes, so no worries! We will order without her, I’ll just order her favourite.” Soo Man took the menu’s that lay neatly on the table.

Sungmin sighed. His eyes fell upon the reserved seat that was hers for the night.

Come quickly Sunny...


3 hours and 14 outfits later.....

The nine girls finished their hair and makeup within 3 1/2 hours. It was a good record since they usually take a long a$$ time to get ready. You may think that that is just too long for them to get ready, yet you are so wrong. There are nine of them, so you do the math! It was a good record, and all were so proud.

They just arrived in front of the club, thanks to Soo Young’s driver who drove a hummer stretch limo with nine loud squealing girls in the back.

“Oh I can’t wait to go inside the club!! Commoner kinds of clubs are so awesome!! “ Tiffany excitedly said.

“Me too!” Hyoyeon said.

Hyoyeon was about to open the door but was halted by Sunny who shouted “WAIT!”

“Ugh! What nowww~” Yuri whined.

“Seriously! Don’t ditch me again!” she pouted.

All her friends rolled their eyes and gave her that we-won’t-ditch-you kind of face.

“We, won’t~~” they all said in unison.

Hyoyeon opened the door and pushed Sunny out, then came fully out of the car herself. She ruffled Sunny’s hair and proceeded walking in front. She smiled her kindest smile “Don’t worry Sunny~”

The rest followed in suit after Hyoyeon.

Sunny felt like she really didn’t want any of them to ditch her. If they did...she would be stuck with that bartender again.

When they passed the guards who asked for their id’s (Since some were underaged, they slapped some bills onto the guards’ hands), they went into the club and heard loud music oozing out of the humongous dance floor filled with dancing women, and men dancing their hearts out.

“See you guys later~” Hyoyeon danced her way away from her friends onto the dance floor.

“Wait!...Hmmns..Oh well..at least I have you guys still with me!” Sunny said.

Some guys that were on the second floor were looking down upon their group of girls winking and calling at them.

“Uhh....make that us too, we’re going upstairs to..uh....the washroom..” Taeyeon snuck away along with Jessica, Tiffany, and Yoona.

Sunny pouted then looked at who was left; Soo Young, Yuri, and Seohyun.

“Well at least I have you guys!” Sunny smiled to the three.

“Yes don’t worry! We won’t ditch you Sunny!” Soo Young smiled.

“Oh my gosh Soo Young! There’s food over there!!!! OH MY! It’s honey pancake!!!” Seohyun called out and pointed to a guy at the food bar. No one knows why there even is a random food bar, it was a club for god sakes!

“WHERE?! C’MON! LET’S GO!” Soo Young yelled at both Yuri and Seohyun. She dragged them along with her only two hands, leaving Sunny there abandoned.

The music was loud and it engulfed the whole club. Sunny stood there alone feeling p!$$ed at her friends. She knew that this was going to happen even though they all promised her that they wouldn’t ditch her. So there she was pouting so cutely. So she decided to go through the crowed of dancing people, to the bar and meet the fat, ugly bartender. It was quieter in that area, not much people went there. It was always just the bartender and her.

When she arrived there she didn’t care to look up at that bartender she despises of. She pulled up a bar chair and lay her head down.

“Uhm...Can I help you miss?” came a deep, and husky voice. Sunny didn’t recognize this voice, but thought that the bartender was sick or something. So she just let this drag away.

“The usual.” She groaned at him.

“Uhm....miss what is your usual?” the voice came again, this time it definitely didn’t sound like the ugly, fat bartenders voice.

“What do you mean?” Sunny pulled her head up from the depressing pose before and looked at the bartender.

“Uhm...” the bartender nervously answered.

Her eyes became wide. The person right in front of her was definitely not the fat and ugly bartender like before. This guy was way more good-looking. His eyes were fierce yet attractive, lips just in a perfect curve, an amazing jaw line, and TALL. His hair was black except for his faux hawk which was dyed red. His body was built, and very muscular. This was so NOT the fat and ugly bartender. This bartender was hellah of a SEXY.

Sunny’s eyes dropped as she starred at him. Oh he was so damn gorgeous.

“Uhm...miss? What is your usual?” The tall man questioned her once more.

Sunny was too dazed, so she kept starring.......


“OH! Uh sorry...” her face came in a sudden flush.

“Haha, no it’s okay, is there something on my face?” he smiled a toothy smile.

’Oh my gosh! I’m going to die! That smile is soo adorable! Aish I’m going to die!’ she thought.

“Oh no, nothing! It’s beautiful!...AH! NO WAIT! AHH!” she waved off then patted her heated cheeks that were turning tomato red.

’Haha, she’s so cute’ he thought. The guy laughed.

Sunny sighed, then managed to take a deep breath. She wasn’t expecting the bartender to be HIM. Good thing she looked especially cute that night, thanks to Soo Young’s mother who did herhair and make up exquisitely well. Oh she really loved her right now.

“Sorry...”she said.

The man smiled “it’s okay haha.”

“It’s just...I thought you were someone different...there usually is this different bartender..”

“I see, well. For the time being, I’ll be the one serving you. You’re the first person who came to the bar out of the whole night so far.” He smiled.

Sunny starred at him with kind and willing eyes. He starred back with mesmerized eyes. They both were captivated by each other’s gaze. It felt like nothing could interrupt them. It took a moment before their silence broke.

“I’m sorry what is your name? If you don’t feel uncomfortable..” she asked shyly.

’Aish! Why am I even asking a personal question?!? Aishh!!! I’m such a freak!’

“I’m Ok Taecyeon. And you are?”

Sunny smiled brightly “I’m Lee Sunkyu, but you can call me Sunny.”

And that is how they first met...

What she didn’t know was that her long time best friend Sungmin, texted her 34 times, and called her 21 times. Her phone was on vibrate in her purse where it had been forgotten for now. The club’s music was vibrating on, so it wasn’t that much to notice her cell phone vibrating.

A few hours past and Sunny was still at the bar talking small talk with Taecyeon. She got to know so much about him. But she kept her social status a complete secret. Apparently she found out that he didn’t really like high class people, he thought of them wrongly. And that would give him a bad impression on Sunny. At least that’s what she thought.

So instead, Sunny being so careless; drank A LOT of alcohol. She needed it. I mean who wouldn’t? You meet a hot damn fine guy, you NEED your liquor..

Sunny didn’t realize that small sips began gulps, and gulps led her to seeing less of his perfect features, and just a blurry figure. She was beyond tipsy...she was drunk. Taecyeon took notice, then suddenly started to stop her, but her drunk personality took the better of her and insisted on buy more drinks. For some odd reason, he got.......worried.


“WHAT?!” Sungmin shouted.

“ Oh come on son, it’s not that bad...Don’t you want to? I mean I’ve seen you gazing upon her millions of times..” Woon Ha said to calm down Sungmin.

“B-but....dad, does...does she even agree?” Sungmin’s voice was still in shock.

Woon Ha looked at his son. In a serious tone he replied “Even if she doesn’t, there is no turning back. It’s already been planned.”

Sungmin looked at his dad and gave off a nervous look.

What will she think......’ Sungmin sadly thought in his head.

The End of Chapter 2

A/N: `&nd thereeeeeeee it is ; ) That was a longggg asss chapter. Sorry If you don’t think it’s long....from my past fics...this has been the longest EVAR (that’s what she said)

OHYASSS &nd I shall mention that Baek Ji Young called Taec kitty instead of Okcat b/c ....you’ll find out in the next chapter~! : )

Anywhos, I’m tired, hungry, and on the phone with my friend whom reads fanfics so fast DX Soo Imma end my Author’s note here~!

Thoughts, Comments, &nd Criticism are welcomed ^^
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cinnabun11cinnabun11 on October 17th, 2009 02:02 pm (UTC)
ahh you described taec so hot lol
aw arranged... damn. that sucks
i'll be watching for the next chapter ^^
oxokawaiioxoxokawaiiox on October 18th, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
haha! how can you NOT describe him bad looking xD
bahah! its so lame ughh... but it'll get better I promise ; )

thanks for reading &nd commenting!!