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22 November 2009 @ 09:19 pm
I Want You Chapter 3  
Title: I Want You
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N:GAH! I apologize for not updating on LJ! But here's chapter 3!

Previously: Prologue||O1||O2

I Want You

Chapter 3

On the other side of the club, one of Sunny’s friends, Jessica, was in the hallway that lead to the fire exit. On the right side of the fire exit door was a staircase going up to the staff room. The hallway was dark, but had enough light to see a visible face. The hallway was long and narrow, narrow enough for a couple to walk down it together. The light that lit up the hallway came from the dance floor; shone blue light emitting an effect to be able to sight anyone that went through there. There wasn’t anyone around there, nor anyone was passing there, it was just her.

Jessica was crouched down in a very broken position. Her left side leaned on the wall that supported her petite body. If anyone would pass (which obviously was highly unlikely) the hallway, they would tell that she was crying and that is what she was exactly doing; crying.

Jessica sobbed out loud, being a complete mute to the strangers who were out on the dance floor with the big booming music that played throughout the club. No one could hear her. She was completely isolated by herself.


“Ah! I’m late!” came a males voice. The young man was one of the employees at the club, and like he said: he was late for his shift. Before heading out of the staff room he checked himself in the mirror to see any flaws he needed to fix whether it was a piece of hair sticking out, or his zipper was un-done. He did little tweaks to his faux hawk, smiled and winked at his own reflection muttering a ‘looking good’.

He opened and closed the staff room door and headed down the long staircase that would take only a few seconds by jumping a few steps to get to the bottom. The guy mumbled cursing words in English since he knew he was going to be in trouble by his boss for being late.

He was only ten steps away from reaching the bottom of the staircase when he heard some sobbing that carried out from the hallway.

“Huh?” he confusedly said with a puzzled face. He didn’t know why he heard sobbing.

Was someone..crying? No one ever goes here... ' he thought.

He then heard sniffing and more crying. Cautiously he came to the bottom of the stairs and peeked from the corner of the wall to see if there actually was a person crying. And there the person was, in a crouching position hands in the persons face, and leaning against the wall crying.

The guy felt a twist in his stomach of awkwardness. How was he supposed to go through the hallway like this? It would be awkward to just walk past a person that was crying that he didn’t even know for one. He waited a minute in silence starring at the broken figure, which he can tell was a girl now that he looked closely at the figure. He balled his fists and gained all his courage to walk to the person and ask what was wrong first, then go off to his shift.

The girls crying got louder as he took step by step. One by one. He felt stiff, he didn’t know what to do if he should ask what’s wrong or—

The girl wailed sadly. He clenched his fists even harder, and then came out with...

“uhm...excuse me? Are you alright?” he asked cautiously, still feeling tight in his stomach.

The girl, unknown to him who was named Jessica, turned her head around to look at the person who asked her something. She quickly stood up and wiped her face with her hands and faced towards him with softer sobs.

“O-oh! S-sorry.” Jessica wiped her cheeks with the back of her hands.

The guy widened his eyes. This girl was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. She had blond curled hair with such a beautiful face, and big almond shaped eyes. She was thin, petite, someone that was his type. Although her eyes read sorrow, uneasiness, and they looked untidy with smeared eyeliner that wasn’t that bad looking, he saw beauty. He felt his cheeks start to get hot.

“Oh, no. If someone should be sorry, it should be me. I just...well I couldn’t just pass you..” he looked at her and scratched the back of his head.

“True.” She wiped more of her tears.

“So..are you okay?”

She laughed bitterly and gave a smile “Oh I’m fine..” she stopped her hands from wiping the tears off her face, figuring that it was the end of her crying session.

“Are you sure?” he asked and took two steps towards her.

She nodded her head, but her eyes watered one more time and her lips trembled. She covered her mouth from exposing her face that was once again covered in tears. She sobbed one more time covering her mouth with her hands as she tilted her head down, closing the gap between the both of them. She leaned her head on his chest and continued crying on him. He stiffened one more time. He felt weird. This complete stranger was crying on his chest. But he felt sorry for her, for some reason he had an understanding that maybe this girl really needed a shoulder to lean on. So he brought his hand up and patted the girl’s head.

They stayed like that for a few minutes until she got everything out of her system and took two steps back, once again. Jessica gave little sniffles and looked up.

“Sorry again...I bet you feel awkward don’t you? I’m sorry,” she moved away some hair that was on her face to the side and bowed.

“Not at all!” He scratched his head looking elsewhere but her. He felt his face blush.

Jessica looked up at him, and was amazed at what she saw. The guy that she just cried on was good-looking. His hair was the natural color black, styled in a faux hawk with some shaved designs at both sides of his head. His eyes were a little bit small. Not too big and not too small. His jaw-line was perfect, following with a good size of an Adam’s apple. As he was looking away, the blue light glistened upon his appearance and made him look more attractive. Looking upon this handsome guy in front of her, she became embarrassed realizing that she was using him as her own handkerchief.

He slowly looked back at her to find her starring at him. He was a little surprised.

“Are you okay now?”

She nodded.

“That’s good..well I have to go to work so..”

“Oh! You work here at the club?” she asked surprised.

“Yeah..” he laughed awkwardly

“Oh....OH! Oh my! I didn’t realize that you had to go back to work...I bet you’re late..sorry” she looked down.

The guys’ eyes grew wide “Please! Don’t be, it’s my fault. I took my time..” he laughed.

Jessica looked up and gave a small smile which made him smile. Her eyes averted from his and looked at his name tag.

“Park Jae Beom-shi?” as if she asked if that was his name.

He looked at where she was starring at on his chest, then saw his name tag.

“Yes, that’s me” he assured her.

“I see, well sorry again for troubling you Jae Beom-shi. I bet you need to go to work now.” She bowed for the second time that night.

“Please! Call me Jae Beom..it sounds so weird saying Jae Beom-shi.”

“Okay Jae, thank you.”

“Kwaenchana” he waved off. “Well, I best be leaving, see you around.....?” he hinted asking for her name.

“It’s Jessica Jung. You can call me Jessica.” She smiled up at him.

“Nice to meet you Jessica.” He waved at her as he exited the hallway.

She waved at him. She felt a little better than from before. She put her hands on her chest over her heart and sighed.

“Nice to meet you too.”


Sungmin sat in his black Mercedes car outside of Fantasia thinking about what he was informed with. Both of his hands were still gripped onto the wheel, as if he was about to steer out into the driving lane, but of course he wasn’t going to. He heaved a huge sigh. He felt nervous, sad, happy, angry, and every other mixed emotion. He ran his hand through his hair, and then his hand slid down to his face. Sungmin rubbed his temples in circular motions, trying this method to ease all the stress that had been built up tonight. Yet, this method didn’t work, and only increased his uneasiness.

What his parents just told him was...really big news.

Sunny didn’t come that night. It wasn’t that big of an issue since Sungmin’s parents and Soo Man couldn’t wait at least 45 minutes for her. All they needed to do was tell both of them about something that included both of them. It’s as if his parents and Soo Man took lightly of the news that they told Sungmin. But Sungmin thought that the news that he encountered was very important.

He thought about where Sunny was since she didn’t show up. He called her countless of times and left a million text messages. He was going to tell her the news straight away, but she wouldn’t answer. Sungmin leaned his head on his wheel and groaned, then sat back up and looked out his window.

Beep~ Beep~

He was then interrupted by his abrupt text message sound coming from his phone. Taking it out of his cell phone holder, he flipped his phone and clicked to read the message.

To: Sungmin oppa!
From: food consumer =D
10/02/09 11:32pm

OMG! Oppa! Guess what I see!?!

Sungmin read the message that was from Soo Young. She seemed excited about something, and he was definitely not in the mood. But he still text back.

To: food consumer =D
From: Sungmin Oppa!
10/02/09 11:34pm

Oh? What is it?

To: Sungmin Oppa!
From: food consumer =D
10/02/09 11:35pm

You HAVE to guess what Sunny’s doing right noww~ ; ]

“.....” Sungmin gazed upon the screen with wide eyes at the whole line. Quickly he texted back.

[i]To: food consumer =D
From: Sungmin Oppa!
10/02/09 11:36pm


To: Sungmin Oppa!
From: food consumer =D
10/02/09 11:37pm

Aw~ Oppa! You’re not that fun = [

To: food consumer =D
From: Sungmin Oppa!
10/02/09 11:38pm

Soo Young, just tell me

To: Sungmin Oppa!
From: food consumer =D
10/02/09 11:40pm

Fine..Geez. Just chill. Okay well..Sunny is flirting with this bartender ; ]

‘Why is she telling me this?’ he thought in his head, yet he was beginning to be more angry and frustrated than any of the other emotions he was feeling at the moment.

To: food consumer =D
From: Sungmin Oppa!
10/02/09 11:41pm

Why are you telling me this!?

To: Sungmin Oppa!
From: food consumer =D
10/02/09 11:43pm

....chill will yah? I just wanted to see your reaction..hey yenno what? I’m just going to call you, it’s easier that way. ^.~

Sungmin read the last message and waited for the expected call from Soo Young.


“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey yeah, well I just wanted to tell you that Sunny is drunk,” Soo Young said.

“What!? Where are you guys!? Who’s there!? Are you beside her!?” he started his engine.

“Whoa..OKAY FIRST! CHILLLL! We’re at 2oneday, you know the commoner club? Second, it’s just all of us girls. Lastly, nope I’m not. I just walked by and she looked rather drunk and she was.....she’s STILL flirting with the bartender.....damn he is so hot. Oppa! She’s so lucky man! I wi—“ she started to rant, but was silenced by Sungmin who was beginning to get annoyed and even more frustrated.

“SOO YOUNG! I don’t want to know about the bartender! Plus, you should just worry about your own boyfriend Kyu Hyun hyung! ...........I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” He clicked the call off and placed it in his cell holder.

“YAH! HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!...................... Oppa?....AISH!” Soo Young scoffed.

Soo Young went back to her hiding spot where she spied upon the bartender and her best friend (it was behind a fake potted plant). After she was done filling herself up at the food bar earlier, Yuri and Seo Hyun ditched her, and got lonely. Then she remembered that she ditched Sunny and decided to go find her and hang with her. As she was walking around the club looking for her, she finally spotted her at the bar but not with the ugly and fat bartender, but a new one that looked damn fine in her eyes.

She didn’t want to spoil the both from their flirting and small talk so she hid behind a fake plant because she was cool like that (apparently). What was happening right now between the two at the bar didn’t look so good as it did a few minutes ago. It wasn’t that Sunny’s hair and makeup were getting messed up, no they still stayed the same regardless if she was drunk or not. It was simply because of Sunny’s drunk side came on. Soo Young faced palmed her face and shook her head. Soo Young thought that Sunny totally blew it with this handsome bartender, but when she looked up at the toothy bartender, he would deal with it so smoothly. It’s as if the bartender took care of her, which was weird. Soo Young watched more of the ‘becoming couple in process’ silently, until Sungmin Oppa arrived.


“Sunny-shi, please don’t drink anymore..” Taecyeon asked pleadingly.

With one last gulp down of a shot, Sunny put her head down on her arms that cradled her head.

“Ugh...I’m so drunk.” She groaned. Oh how embarrassing this was! She downed so much booze, that it really hit her..bad.

Taecyeon sighed “I told you Sunny-shi to stop. “

Sunny blew her straight fringe. Taecyeon looked at her. He told her many times to stop drinking, yet she kept insisting. He didn’t know why but he was getting really worried. Normally customers that would drink their heart out like this; he wouldn’t normally think much of them. He never thought about where the person would go after he or she were done drinking at his bar stand. Nor would he think about where the person would sleep at. Yet he thought about these things.

After that one shot, she took another. But since Sunny felt loopy and wasn’t coherent with what she was doing, she brought the shot cup to her mouth then poured it, but failed to pour it into her mouth and instead the liquid splattered on her face.

“Omo!” she widened her eyes. She took noticed that she actually poured the liquor on her face.

“Ah! Sunny-shi!” Taecyeon called out as he saw what happened.

Sunny’s face turned even redder.

Oh God! What am I doing?!’ she thought

Taecyeon clicked his tongue and looked down to his pockets in his dress pants. He dug his hands into them searching for his own handkerchief so that she can wipe off the liquid off her face. Feeling into the pockets more, he finally grabbed it and took it out. He looked at Sunny who sat there looking for her purse which she failed to find in the end. She pouted cutely and sighed.

Taecyeon extended his arm out holding his handkerchief in his hand. He meant to hold it out for her to take it, so she can wipe of the liquid off her face, but that’s what he didn’t do...

Instead of handing out his handkerchief, he found himself wiping her cute little cheeks with the piece of cloth. Sunny looked up at Taecyeon who was wiping her face in small circular motions and began to blush once more. He too, blushed as well.

Taecyeon had no idea why his hand went along and did just that. How come his mind was playing with him today?

It was just like an automatic reaction, where he simultaneously wiped her face. When taking that there was no sign from her to make him stop, he continuously wiped her face in caresses. He found out that there was a smile that crept up onto his mouth.

Her big, dark, twinkling eyes were met by his sharp dark eyes. Their world right then paused. There was no music, no strangers around, any awkwardness, nothing. The atmosphere felt in the utmost pleasurable, as if this is what they would do now and not go back to their current situation where he served her. Although they were mere strangers to one another, they really connected for some unexplained reason. They just savoured this moment.


“OMO!” Soo Young squealed.

Soo Young jumped up and down as she flailed over the intimate scene that took place many feet towards her. It’s like she was watching some asian drama where a couple kissed or something. It was one of those kind of moments that any girl would dream about.

Soo Young didn’t know that her, herself was also blushing at the fact that her best friend was being treated with such affection with the unknown man. Never in the years knowing Sunny had she ever seen her with a guy, let alone in a relationship.

“Soo Young?” called out a voice from behind her. Soo Young complied with turning around with a big grin set on her face that soon disappeared to a dumbfounded look.

“S-sungmin oppa....” she spoke out his name.

Sungmin came to her with a worried expression on his face and asked “Where’s Sunny?!”

Soo Young’s mouth became agape, with no words coming out of her mouth. She just opened her mouth in an ‘o’ and pointed towards where Sunny was. Sungmin understood what she meant, but didn’t know why she was acting all weird. His eyes followed where Soo Young pointed to. He saw Sunny sitting in a barstool with a tall bartender gently wiping her face.

Sungmin walked passed Soo Young in shuffling steps, without blinking or taking his eyes off of his childhood friend and the bartender.

And just like that, a small piece of his heart broke off.

The End of Chapter 3

A/N: Kaiis, I'm VERRYY sorry for not updating for 5 weeks!? -bows furiously- I'm very sorry. I've only been updating on soshified, and soompi! I apologize. Ialready posted chapter 4 & 5 on the two websites! Sorry you guys! But the thing was I was too lazy to convert my fic from BB code to HTML! terribley sorry `b girls!

I will try and post all chapters up to 5 this week! As for updating every Friday, I will try and do it on Monday's from now on..

Sorry again!

Anyways back to the story: Thoughts, Comments, &nd Criticism are welcomed~
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teletubies_smesteletubies_smes on November 23rd, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
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I think i've read it on soompi a while ago, but nevertheless, just comment ^^

We already had Jessica's seduction by Jaebum on IdolArmy.
I certainly want a Sunny's seduction by TaecYoen someday.
And it's better be public

Good job, dear !
oxokawaiioxoxokawaiiox on December 12th, 2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
lol congrats on being first~

whoaaa, you are a soompier? xD
yeahh, i'll try to make Sunny seduce Taec....if she wasn't so sh in my fic LOL I'll try though!

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