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12 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
I Want You {Chapter O5}  
Title: I Want You
Pairing : Taecyeon(2pm) x Sunny (SNSD), Sungmin (Super Junior) x Sunny (SNSD), more to come
Characters : 2pm, 2am, Super Junior, SNSD
Summary : Taecyeon is a normal guy who gets good marks, and works to pay off his own schooling. He’s not that rich and supports himself. One night, in his part-time job at the club, he spots this girl and immediately falls for her. She’s rich, cute, and flawless. She’s nothing that Taecyeon can get his hands on though. How will these two realize that social status and money doesn’t matter? How will they fall in love?
A/N: Chapter 5~

Previously: Prologue||O1||O2||O3

Chapter O5

After about an hour of frantically telling the story of what happened last night, going through every single detail she remembered, and answering any questions on how she felt at the moment, Sunny felt her throat hurt. Just a little. She already been through 5 cups of coffee because every time she got confused on one part she was explaining, she threw her hands up in defeat, one of the girls would say “Noo~ Sunny continue! I’ll get you some coffee! So please continue!”

So there she was sitting alone on the sofa, taking another sip out of her 6th cup of coffee, and just finished sharing her mini fairytale that took place yesterday. The rest of the girls were up and scattered around the room talking to each other, some doing their hair for fun, and reading magazines in the hair dresser chairs.

Sunny walked over to the table which had everyone else’s cups and placed her own coffee cup beside the several other ones. She patted her stomach, and then walked back to her spot on the sofa. Both Yoona and Jessica who stood by long mirror and conversing with each other, took glances at Sunny when she got up to place her cup next to the other’s cups. And after watching Sunny’s every move they suddenly ran and came up to her.

Sunny raised one eyebrow, crossed her arms across her chest, and crossed her legs as well. She leaned back in her spot as she eyed suspiciously at them. Yoona looked at Jessica and nudged her arm.

“You ask her...” Yoona whispered as she drew her doe eyes back at Sunny.

“No you do it!” Jessica whispered and nudged back at her.

Sunny tapped her fingers against her arm, still looking up at her two friends “Yes?”

Jessica nudged Yoona back, but turned to Sunny and smiled. Yoona pouted and scowled.

“Fine, I’ll ask...” Yoona looked at Sunny. Sunny turned her attention to Yoona, who was about to speak.

“What unnie and I came up with, was that…” Yoona gave off a shy expression across her face and fiddled with her hands.

“Oh, Yoona! Just say it!” Jessica said impatiently.

“Okay, okay fine~” Yoona looked back at Sunny.


“Yes?” Sunny repeated again.

“Jessica unnie, and I were thinking about how you should give the handkerchief back to Taecyeon-shi.”

Sunny sighed. ‘So they’ve been talking about it eh?’ she thought.

“I know I will. Maybe next time when we go there...” Sunny gave Yoona a reassuring smile.

“We know…but unnie and I thought we should give it……today.”


“No~ That’s not what we had in mind…clubbing that is..” Yoona smiled at Jessica who also smiled.

“Oh…then what?”

“Unnie and I thought that unnie, you, and I can go over right now and return it. I also think that you want to go back as soon as possible, seeing what happened last night.” Yoona smiled.

Sunny’s face flushed. She indeed wanted to go back, but so soon? Sunny thought about it and looked out of the window. She thought about how it wasn’t really that important, heck it was only a handkerchief! They can just go anytime, it wasn’t like Taecyeon would miss it. She didn’t think any other person would mind, even her, if someone was keeping her handkerchief.

She sighed. But then there was that other thought in her head. She wanted to see him again, yet she didn’t know why. It was just one night, one guy which made her heart flutter in some way. But, regardless if it was only one night where he wouldn’t remember her name, how she looked like, or what embarrassing things she did in front of him, she wanted to go meet the guy which cared for her last night.

She looked up at Yoona and Jessica. They stared back at her in hopeful eyes. Sunny sighed once more then nodded her head in agreement. Yoona and Jessica started squealing and clapping their hands. Both gave high fives to each other in their accomplishment in luring their friend into meeting him once again.

Yoona and Jessica grabbed both of her arms and dragged her across the room towards the stairs.

“We’re going now then~” Jessica said.

“Now?!” Sunny looked at both of them in a surprised expression.

The rest of the girls looked oddly at the three which were exiting the room. Soo Young starred at Sunny with a puzzled face and asked “Where are you guys going?”

“No where! We’re just going to help Sunny run a few errands!” Jessica called back.

Yoona and Jessica pace quickened as they ran down the stairs, and pushed Sunny out the door.

Da.mn these guys really want me to meet Taecyeon-shi again..’ Sunny thought.


It was at the 2oneday club where some of the ‘main’ employees were at, hanging out, and fixing the club up for another night. They were called the ‘main’ employees because they were the first few people who worked there, and who have been working there for quite some time now. The ‘main’ employees were all men. Not a single girl worked there, it was all men, and that’s it. Call it sexist if you will, but the owner – Jin Young—liked it that way. Don’t ask why, it just worked that way in that head of his.

Right now, there were only six of them there out of the ‘main’ employees. They were all in different sections fixing up the club, making sure that it was clean and decent looking. Three were on the dance floor, with one out of the three playing music. He switched from song to song, deciding what his playlist selection would be for tonight. He switched it from RnB, Hip hop, rap, techno, and to many other genres. The other two out of the three were just fooling around on the dance floor, just dancing and moving along with the beat and rhythm as the song played. The music sounded even better right now, since right now the club wasn’t filled up with people, and whenever someone spoke loudly, their voices would give off an audible echo for the whole first (main) floor to hear.

One out of the ‘main’ employees was at the bar checking if the bar was all stocked up, ready for tonight, so that the bartender – whoever was the bartender tonight – wouldn’t have to go to the back room to acquire another bottle or bottles of for example liquor when he should be tending the bar stand. He looked across at his fellow co-workers, but also called his friends, on the dance floor making just big idiots of themselves…again. He shook his head and smiled to himself. He really made good friends here.


A loud slap kind of sound echoed throughout the whole open area. It was then followed with a cry of pain from one of the guys who claimed to have the tiniest of eyes ever.


“Do it right will you?!” a man shouted back.

“I’m trying to! But you keep slapping my ass, and it hurts like a b!tch!” the chinky-eyed boy’s eyes became narrowed slits (if they can even do that), which he glared at the other boy with.

“What did I tell you..” then man wiped his face with his hand and put the other hand on his hip as he looked at his friend “..if you want to do a ssanti dance, you can’t start dancing as if you take real dance lessons!” he stated.

The guy with the small eyes sighed. He faced his friend/co-worker who was tending the DJ-ing controls that was a few feet away from him and his friend and called out, “Junsu hyung! Replay it, Wooyoung hyung isn’t satisfied..”

The said man named Junsu nodded and replayed the song that was abruptly put to a halt because of Wooyoung’s hand slapping the other’s behind. Soon Wooyoung started dancing flailing hands, moving his hips, and giving weird, yet cute facial expressions to go with the dance moves he was doing.

Junsu was bopping his head along with the song. Currently he was playing ‘Get loose’ by Benny Benassi (A/N: Kay, I need to tell you right now to search up Wooyoung’s ssanti dance and quickly come back to reading the fic xD) . It was very catchy, and it was Wooyoung’s favourite song to dance to.

Suddenly, once Junsu added more songs on his playlist that was written on a piece of paper, a taller guy suddenly came up to him. He was eating a banana, and munched in circular motions in his mouth. Junsu didn’t notice he was there since the song that was playing was a little too loud to see if someone came up from behind you. But what he did notice was the smell of banana. Junsu turned around and jumped in surprise. He gripped his heart and started breathing deeply.

“Chansung! You scared me!” Junsu said, now fanning his face.

Chansung gave no facial emotion and his face was still blank and munching on the piece of banana he just bit a second ago.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to check around the club to find any lost items or something?” Junsu turned back to writing his playlist, but without bopping his head.

“Nope. I’m all done. Nothing around.” He took another bite as he looked at his hyung’s playlist from behind Junsu’s shoulder.

Junsu turned his head and found Chansung was awkwardly really close to him.

“YAH! Chansung! Personal space okay!?” Junsu once again jumped away as he yelled at him.

But the same response came from Chansung. He just stood there holding his now half eaten banana with no facial expression that was comprehendible. His face remained un-phased.

Silence. Then Chansung walked away and went towards his other hyung who was at the bar stand. When he approached the bar stand, he took up a bar stool and sat up straight starring at his friend/co-worker. His friend looked up at him as he was cutting more lemons for tequila shots. He smiled his million dollar smile which always grabbed the hearts of many women.

“Chansung-ah? Done with your duties?” he then turned his eyes back and focused on what he was doing.

“Yeah…” Chansung replied. He swung his feet forward and back watching his hyung, and holding his banana at the same time. He sighed.

“Nickhun hyung, I’m so bored...”Chansung pouted after.

Nickhun sighed as well. “Don’t worry, we have a day off tomorrow anyways. We can hang out tomorrow. I don’t know. We’ll figure something out.” Nickhun reassured him and smiled once again.

Chansung just sighed and replied, “Yeah…” Chansung went back to just starring at his hyung as he cut the lemons one by one.

Knowing that nothing fun was going to happen as Nickhun sliced the lemons, he decided to browse around the club once more.

“Well, I’m going to look around again.” He hopped off his chair and headed up towards the second floor.


Jessica drove down the familiar road that she rode past just last night. She wore her Gucci sunglasses covering her eyes from the sun that was shining brightly outside. It was a beautiful day, a day which she could enjoy with hanging out with or her friends. Or maybe even go on a date with her boyfriend.

Days like these she would used to go on nice dates with him or just cruise around in his car admiring the sunlight outside. But today it wasn’t going to be like that. As he said before: he was busy. “Busy” as she would like to say it. She ran a hand through her hair and heard another vibrating sound from her phone. She slowed down and braked as she arrived in front of a red light.

To: My love #1
From: Fishie~
10/03/09 10:31am
Actually…I’m free right now, I have a meeting soon though. Just in a few. I’ll text you to call me when I’m finished with this paper, kay babe?

She narrowed her eyes behind her fab sunglasses. She knew he was lying again, yet she just let it slip away. She put down her cell phone back in the cell holder on her dashboard. She looked out the window beside her and just listened to the static from her radio which was being tuned from station to station.

Her radio was being tuned by Yoona who was picking out a good song to listen to. Then it turned to a station which was playing the song. Their song. Jessica snapped her head and starred at her car radio. The song that she claimed to call ‘our song’ with her boyfriend. Jessica slowly turned her head to the left and bit her lip. God, this was getting so ironic and annoying. She couldn’t escape him at all.

“Aweh! Unnie! It’s both Dong Hae oppa’s and your song!” Yoona nudged Jessica’s right arm and smiled.

Jessica turned her head to Yoona and smilled that perfect fake smile she learned to make whenever a situation like this would occur.

Yoona averted her eyes away from Jessica and turned around in her seat to speak to Sunny.

“Unnie~ aren’t you excited!?” Yoona said playfully.

Sunny just blushed and fiddled with her hands.

“W-why should I be? I’m only returning a handkerchief…” Sunny looked away and out the car window.

“Oh c’mon unnie! You know you are. It’s written all over your face.”

The light turned green and all of a sudden their car started moving once more. Sunny just blushed even more and took out her phone to pretend she was texting. Yoona frowned, turned around and pressed the plus sign on a button to turn up the volume.

No one spoke. The song was eternally playing in the car. To Jessica, it was suffocating. In her mind played memories like a slideshow she would watch in class. She took every note on what littlest things happened with him.

A few minutes passed and finally after the cruel minutes of listening to that song, she parked. Sunny and Yoona first unbuckled their seatbelts and got out of her car. Jessica took off her sunglasses, and reached for her cell phone that was in her car holder. She was going to wait for his text, so she brought it.

Jessica exited out of her vehicle and alarmed her car. After two loud sounded beeps clarifying her car was armed she said to the other two “Let’s get this show on the road.” This time, she said it with a real smile.


When Chansung was done with the second floor, he moved onto the first floor, yet again failing to find any items left behind by last night/this morning’s clubbers. He sighed again as he and his banana travelled to the entrance of the club. Might as well go out to get some dried mangos at the near convenience store.

He was about to reach for the door when suddenly it was swung open by someone opening it from the other side. He was a bit shocked and flinched when he saw three petite ladies in front of him. One was small and adorable looking, another was taller than the smallest one and looked pretty… then there she was. He starred at the tallest one out of the trio, his face back to his blank expression, hiding a happy Chansung underneath it.

He took an interest in the taller one. She looked so beautiful out of the three in his eyes. Not making the other two offended, but something about her made him attracted to her.

Seeing that no one was about to talk, Yoona started the conversation since it was silent. She looked at Jessica and Sunny, then back at that tall man who they opened the door on.

She smiled her charming smile and said, “Hello~ My friend here has something to give back to uhm..this employee of yours. Is he in?”

Chansung’s face was still unwavering with no emotions plastered on his face and continued the conversation, “...Depends which one...”

Jessica nudged Sunny on her arm, which Sunny gasped and answered, “Taecyeon..Ok Taecyeon-shi.”

Chansung nodded his head and stepped on the side holding the door for the three of them to enter “Okay..come in.”

Sunny was first to enter, Jessica followed there on after, and Yoona entered last, smiling brightly at Chansung who didn’t smile back. As he followed in suite behind Yoona, he smiled to himself, and took the last bite from his banana.


When walking down the hallway, they heard a techno type of song that was echoing throughout the hallway. First, it started barely audible, to the song played loudly, but not like last night, just enough to get the feeling to dance to.

Once they walked through the club’s hallway that connects the entrance to the actual club, Sunny, Jessica, and Yoona stopped dead in their tracks. They left Chansung to walk in front of them to guide them where ever Taecyeon was.

Sunny felt her heart start to pound in a sudden quick pace. She heard her own nervous and strong heart beat in her ears, and she was sure everyone could hear it. But they did not. It was only her who was excited and for some odd reason, embarassed.

Omo! I’m going to see Taecyeon-shi.. ‘ she thought in her head and blushed.

They followed Chansung towards the dance floor and were welcomed by two guys dancing so cheaply to the music that another guy who was what seemed the DJ put on. Both the guys’ backs were facing them. Yoona looked at Jessica with one eyebrow raised up. Yoona looked at Chansung who made a face palm. He sighed heavily and apologized, “Sorry ladies...just…just hold up a second okay?”

Sunny laughed and clutched onto Jessica who just smiled at Chansung. Yoona started giggling. Chansung dragged his feet towards his two hyung’s and went in front of them.

“YAH! Stop it will you!?”

Junho who was doing hip rolls, hands on his hips, with him biting his lips in a sexy way looked up at Chansung.

“Chansung-ah, what’s the matter? We’re just doing our morning routine...” Junho said cluelessly.

Woo Young that was flailing his arms and swaying his bottom from side to side came into a hault as he also noticed Chansung.

“Chansungie..what’s the matter?” Wooyoung asked raising both eyebrows up. “You don’t like watching me shake my ass?” Wooyoung started shaking his ass, and Chansung only faced palmed himself again, the second time.

Wooyoung and Junho were so clueless at the fact that Yoona, Sunny, and Jessica were watching them from behind. The three of them were laughing so hard, but Wooyoung and Junho were oblivious about how they have humiliated themselves. They felt like Chansung was crazy. They knew that their maknae knew that they always danced like this every morning when preparing for the club. Both thought he was crazy.

That all ended when Junsu stopped the song. Chansung was still starring at them shaking his head and smiling. A roaring sound of laughter was then heard from behind the two who were dumbfounded at the fact that they have just embarrassed themselves. Chansung started laughing as well. Wooyoung and Junho turned around, and once they saw who were laughing at them they blushed and brought their eyes facing their shoes.

Chansung walked till he was in between his two hyungs, placing his hands on their shoulders.

“Told you guys.” He smirked.

Wooyoung and Junho looked at each other. They both knew what the other was thinking.

“H-hi…sorry you had to see our poor dancing...” Junho bowed, “it’s actually Wooyoung here who does ssanti dance.”

Wooyoung glared at Junho right after that was said. “Actually, we’re just fooling around.” He flashed his smiled, still having a faint blush on his baby cheeks.

The girl trio looked at each other still smiling. Yoona nodded “I see. It’s good to do that once in a while haha!” she ended off giggling.

Chansung looked at Yoona and sighed in an admiring way. Wooyoung and Junho turned their attention to Chansung. What was that? They saw their makanae as he starred at Yoona. Okay…that was very awkward, weird even.

Junho was about to ask what was up with Chansung, until Wooyoung asked a question to the trio of girls.

“So what brings you here?”

“Our Sunny here, wants to give back Taecyeon-shi’s handkerchief back~” Yoona smiled putting an arm around Sunny’s shoulder and rubbing it. She just loved teasing her unnie.

Sunny blushed. It was her turn to feel her cheeks heat up.

“Taecyeonie? How did you get his handkerchief?” Wooyoung asked again.

Both Junho and Chansung looked at Sunny as they too wanted to know the reason behind her having their friends’ handkerchief.

“W-w-well…you see…” Sunny started, starring at her feet, nervously fiddling with her fingers.

She paused. This was embarrassing. Since she knew how they spoke of Taecyeon’s name comfortably, she knew how close they were to him. Knowing this, she knew that it would be okay for them to know, but the thing was, it was embarrassing!

Everyone waited for her to start preaching her night ‘fairytale’, but she just..paused, not continuing on. Jessica scowled.

“Oh Sunny, you should just tell them.” She nudged Sunny in the arm.

“Why don’t we sit down? It seems that we’ll be standing up for a long time before she’s ready or something,” Junho clasped his hands together and started to walk off towards the bar stand where Nickhun was, “plus, my a$$ needs a break from being slapped.” Wooyoung smirked, and then followed in suite.

All of them sat at the bar stand. Sunny’s eyes browsed around once she sat in her bar chair, looking for someone. He was nowhere to be found. She sighed. She scratched the back of her head, then saw a man who Taecyeon used to be positioned in last night. He was gorgeous. His skin was fair, with big round eyes that were just too adorable. He was glowing like an angel..no scratch that, he IS an angel.

“Hyung, almost done?” Junho asked. He leaned his head on his hand which was standing on top of the bar surface.

“Yeah, almost. Give me a moment.” He said as he finished cutting the last of a lemon. “There, done~” he stated proudly at his work.

“Now who are these beautiful women doing here?” he asked in a sweet tone which made the trio of girls flail and squeal…inside only.

“They’re here to return something..well this lady right here is going to return his handkerchief to our Taecyeonie.” Chansung pointed with his new banana he got randomly somewhere. It was weird. His friends didn’t know where the h3ll he got them from. A banana just popped up in his hands at random moments.

“Oh? And why would you have our friends’ handkerchief?” he asked sweetly once more. The three girls swore that they’ve not ever heard any sound so sweet in everything they say.

Sunny looked at her hands, not facing him, blushing furiously. It wasn’t because Nickhun was starring at her with those burning gorgeous eyes of his, but it was the memory of last night.

Sunny began explaining the story with every single detail. She received smiles, some ‘oOoOoOo’s’ and some ‘ah’s’. Some even commented on how he was so greasy, which she didn’t understand at all. Nickhun, Chansung, Wooyoung, and Junho listened like it was story time. They thought that this one was really interesting from the other ones they’ve heard from other co-workers. ..Like there was ever a story like this one...still! It was interesting.

Finishing off her story, she breathed in deeply, slapping her heated cheeks lightly to make her stop from smiling corner to corner. Nickhun handed her an ice cold glass of water to make her stop from fanning herself and blushing so much.

Aigoo, that’s the LAST time I’m ever going to explain it! ‘, she stated in her mind.

Jessica on the other hand was listening to the story once again, but was still feeling a little out of it like minutes before. After Yoona, Sunny, and the rest of the guys started talking to each other, chatting amongst themselves. She thought about Dong Hae again. She heaved a sigh and took her phone out, then starred at it. She wondered why he hadn’t text back yet, he said he would earlier, why wasn’t he? She unlocked her phone as she pressed the two buttons to do so. She realized that there wasn’t any reception. Weird..it was working a while ago. She excused herself and went outside. She checked her phone reception once more—no bars.

Really weird..It was working a while ago..’ she thought.

She came back in, without taking her eyes off of her cell phone screen. No bars went up. As she came towards the bar stand she asked “Hey, sorry but my bars aren’t working..is there a part of the club that has good phone reception?”

“On the roof, I always go there whenever I need phone reception. Reception sucks down here.” Chansung responded.

“Oh..arasseo. May I go to the roof then? “ Jessica asked politely. She didn’t want them to think that she could do anything even though after, her and her friends were beginning to be close to them.

“Yeah, of course! You just need to go that way, up the stairs and yeah, you’re there.” He told her using hand gestures.

“Okay thank you!” she smiled, and followed Chansung’s directions.

While going up the stairs and finally at the roofs exit door, she pushed it open. She walked towards the side of the roof top and leaned on the railing. She starred at the beautiful morning scenery of a part of Seoul. It was beautiful, even without it being dark, while the lights from business buildings lit up colourfully, bringing out Seoul’s beauty. It was just the same beauty in the morning. She sighed then turned around and leaned her back against the railing. She checked her phone now and saw that it had full bars. Immediately her phone vibrated signalling that she had received the text from Dong Hae.

To: My love #1
From: Fishie~
10/03/09 11:03am
Kay babe~ I can talk now (:

“OH! So now you can talk!” she stated loudly.

“Hmmn….” She heard someone groan.

She froze. Her eyes widened. Chansung or the other’s didn’t warn her that someone was up here. Maybe it was some stranger. She started to feel really freaked out. She walked towards the entrance door. If it really was a stranger then she would just get out of here so that she wouldn’t have to deal with someone and have an awkward meeting. When she was about to turn the knob, another groan came from above her, and a hand stuck out from the roof of the entrance door.

“WAH! What the?!” she screamed.

She saw the hand slide away. She saw the person get up. She guessed that this person was lying down on top of the entrance door’s roof. She put a hand on her chest, breathing loudly. Now that the person was sitting up, she realized that he looked familiar. Hair black, with shaved designs on the side, he looked really built, and had that fascinating jaw-line which made her swoon. He rubbed his eyes with his balled up fists. He then put them down and turned his head towards Jessica.

Jessica still had her eyes widened, a hand on her chest.

The man squinted his eyes. “What’s with the yelling?” he now turned his body towards her as well.

Jessica’s face flushed. “Uh..sorry! I didn’t know you were here…uhm…sorry..” she bowed and scratched the back of her head.

The guy yawned, scratched his arm and came to sit on the edge of the roof. He crossed his arms over his chest examining Jessica. His eyes still squinted from his nap that he awoke from. After moments, he realized too that she looked familiar.

Jessica stood there. Did he remember her? She surely remembered him from last night. But by judging the way he was looking at her, it seems like he di—

“Jessica?....Jessica Jung from last night?” he asked tilting his head, hands dropping to his sides.

She smiled. “Yes, from last night.”

“What are you doing here?” he asked, his mouth turning into a smile that he couldn’t explain why he did.

“I was checking my phone reception. It sucks downstairs..” she answered holding up her phone for him to see.

He nodded his head understanding. “I see. Well…what are you doing here at the club? Did you forget something?”

She shook her head. “No, my friend just borrowed something from one of the co-workers here, but he isn’t here.”

“I see. You do remember who I am right?” he asked.

“Park Jae Beom-shi right?” she asked cautiously if she had gotten it wrong.

“Yeah, but just call me Jae Beom. Remember I told you last night?” he smiled.

“Oh yes. I remember.” She responded as she nodded.

Another text from her phone came in as her cell vibrated. She held out her cell in a fair distance to read her text message. Fishie~ was the senders name. Her smile that was created by her meeting with Jae Beom once again, faded. Her face looked stressed, and sad. Jae Beom noticed this. He thought it was bipolar.

The text read:

To: My love #1
From: Fishie~
10/03/09 11:08 am
Baby~ are you going to call?

Jessica bit her lip.

“Hey..”he started in a soothing tone “What’s wrong?”

Jessica looked up and gave a small smile to Jae Beom. She shook her head once more. “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” She said in a disguised tone which gave off that everything was really fine.

“Boyfriend?” Jae Beom asked although she already responded.

She opened her mouth but didn’t say anything. She then closed her mouth, crossed her arms over her chest. She turned her head to her left. She stood there awkwardly shifting from one foot to another. Jae Beom cursed himself inside as he realized what he’d done. He really made the situation awkward. He thought that he must’ve started on a really touchy subject, so he started off with another topic that would lighten up the mood.

“Do your feet hurt?” he asked. She turned her head back to stare up at him. She tilted her head at the abrupt question.


He nodded his head at her feet. “You’re shifting from one foot to another. Do they hurt?”

Jessica drew her eyes at her feet. She was wearing her nice white pumps. She bought them about two months ago, and had gotten used to wearing them, so her feet got used to wearing them this long. Right now they didn’t hurt. She was about to tell him that they didn’t hurt, but then by telling him that they didn’t, she would progress the awkward moment even further. So instead…

“Yes. They sort of do..” she gave a small smile.

Jae Beom nodded his head. Then he did something that Jessica wouldn’t expect for him to do. He reached down his hand out to her. Jessica stared at it as it was about a foot away from her face. She looked at it dumbfounded, and then looked up at Jae Beom with the same expression.


“Come up and sit since your feet hurt.” Jae Beom told her, his hand still extended out.

Jessica’s faced flushed again. She looked to the side again. She squeezed her phone in her hand. She thought how she should respond to Dong Hae, and call him right after. But then, her grip on her cellular device loosened. She starred at Jae Beom’s hand. It’s as if his hand was like a helping hand for her to get out of her stressful relationship. It was like it was a way out, an opportunity.

Looking up at Jae Beom, she saw his lips curve in a smile. She gave a small smile back at him. She shoved her cell phone in her jacket pocket, and with the same hand she took Jae Beom’s hand and was helped up next to him.

For the first time in a long time, her hand started to tingle like the way it did before.

Just like that, she chose to sit next to Park Jae Beom, instead of calling her boyfriend.

The end of chapter 5

So that was chapter 5, like to hear what you think ^^
I'm posting chapter 6 as well!! check it out~!
LOL finally I get to post my up to date chapter! It's because today I dont feel that lazy!
Hope you enjoyed this!
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